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Login Software, Login ERP, Login HR, Login X-tra and Login Pro, which have in-depth experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Software) and Human Resource Management Software, offer a solution tree consisting of dozens of modules in 4 different product families .

We started to work with Login ERP because of its rapid integration and user-friendly solutions in planning all processes from production to shipment of products developed with a contemporary and simple design approach for more than 30 years and in realizing our special production projects. After the completion of the challenging process, we continue to develop and develop together with Login Software, with the smooth progress of our production and supply processes besides stock control, quality and fast solutions they offer in our new projects that we have developed specifically for our company, as well as fast after-sales support services.

Fatih Bayrakdar
ERP Manager, B&T Design | Bata Metal Furniture

We preferred Login ERP to support the smooth progress of processes such as production, supply and stock in accordance with the zero error production policy of Boreas Group Plastik. We also hope that the cooperation will continue for many more years thanks to the seamless integration with our other applications and the support service of Login Software.

Olcay Gezer
System Development Director, Boreas Group Plastic

Gemkal Hidrolik, which has been operating in the field of defense and automotive sub-industry since 2015 with its continuously improving quality; carries out import, export, sales-marketing, production and engineering activities on Hydraulic-Pneumatic machinery and equipment equipment in the sector. Gemkal Group Makine met with Login Software in 2020 in order to provide added value innovations to the constantly developing and changing technology and to respond quickly and safely to the requests and needs of our customers. Thanks to the Login ERP business partnership, Gemkal Group Makine currently uses the modules of safe and consistent stock, secure and consistent purchasing, sales and quotation, production, production planning and accounting. As Gemkal Hidrolik, we lead all kinds of supporting and developing activities to increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees, and thanks to Login ERP, we continue to develop with fast solutions in our sales and after-sales services.

Ağzam Özdemir
General Manager, Gemkal Hydraulic

Our company, which has become one of the few facilities in Turkey and the world in steel rope and wire production thanks to the quality service approach it has adopted since its establishment in 1989, carries out its activities in its 24.000 m2 facility. Thanks to the journey we embarked on with Login Software in 2017, within the scope of our Corporate Digitalization vision, we started to take decisions that will carry our company forward continuously, with digital data, by following all our business processes from sales to shipment from a single system. Thanks to the special service we receive from Login Yazılım, we strengthen our strength and look to the digitalized future with confidence.

Mustafa Köşker
Board Member, Köşkerler Steel Wire Rope

Since quality products and unconditional customer satisfaction are among the core values of Lazzoni, it is our reason to prefer to have the same standards in our supplier companies in the important investments we will make. The success of Login Software's after-sales service and Login ERP's quality as well as its modules led us to this choice. Login Software, which we come across with new projects for improvement every day, has always kept its support at the maximum level and supported the development of our company in a short time.

Ömür Demir
Supply Chain Director, Lazzoni Furniture

We would like to thank Login ERP for facilitating our business in a way that brings us to the forefront in our market where competition is at the highest level, and Login Software for providing quality customer satisfaction and after-sales service in line with our corporate identity.

İsmail Baştak
General Manager, Marsel Metal

As Soprano Mobilia, our adventure started in 2019 with Login Software, which allows us to provide quality service from product supply to production, stock and shipment processes. Our reason for choosing Login ERP is to provide quality service to our customers beyond their expectations, to ensure the traceability of our products at every stage of production, and to be able to produce with configuration sales. We would also like to thank Login ERP for its solution suggestions and support so that we can realize our dreams in our production processes. We will continue our adventure with new and high quality projects for many more years.

Tuncer Ertan
General Manager, Soprano Mobilia

Our company, which operates in the automobile spare parts sector, has been using Login ERP for many years. Thanks to its fully compatible and integrated working structure with the B2B and Catalog solutions we have developed specifically for the sector, a highly efficient and effective system has emerged. We believe that our cooperation will continue for many more years with the quality solutions and services offered by Login Software.

Kaan Kurtarıcı
General Manager, Votek Automotive
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