Indispensable Service

For Return on Investment

Do not let your ERP projects that started with a major investment decision to bring you to a standstill at the beginning due to reasons such as lack of any plan, incorrect installation or lack of customization. With Login Installation and Application Consultancy service, let solutions serve their purpose through good planning, management, customization and audit so that they can become suitable for your needs and you can enjoy higher returns from your investment. Do not leave success to chance.


How do we do?

We use Login Project Management Methodology, success of which has been proven for several times and which does not leave it to chance. According to this methodology, we reveal "intra-department business conduct" and "inter-department work-information-document flow" by analyzing all departments of your company. We incorporate the favourable properties and flows that make your company successful into the system and we transfer the flows that cause slowness and/or errors after improvements. We deliver you the entire system in optimum operating condition to meet your exact needs.

What do we do?

With our well-informed and experienced staff, we enable software modules to be installed in your company smoothly, without interruption of your company's normal operation. We ensure the exclusive solution to be adapted to your specific needs, without being bound to the limits in the package solutions and we ensure it to be commissioned seamlessly.