All Business Processes are Brought Together on a Single Platform with ERP Applications

Ms. Zeynep Gürdal, Projects Director of Login Software that has been offering Customized Corporate Management Information System Solutions since 1989, answered our questions about ERP industry.

All business processes are on a single platform by means of ERP applications

ERP NEWS: What is Login Software and what does it do?

Zeynep Gürdal: Login Software has been offering Customized Corporate Management Information System Solutions since 1989. It offers services to its medium and large-scale customers, who are the target customer group, with products that it develops.

The purpose of establishment of Login Software is to develop software products that will enable companies to increase their customer-oriented business management performance and adapt at any minute to changing business conditions and thus, to allow them to earn a place among successful companies that have great skills to access to, reveal and use information. Establishing an inter- and intra- company, fast, factual and up-to- date information flow by creating the environment which allows company investments in different geographical regions to be managed by means of distributed databases and integration is another important target of Login Software.

In addition to standard software development activities, it cooperates with the world's major companies such as IBM, Oracle, TMF and Microsoft and develops computer applications from a wider range of products that will allow companies to respond to changing marketing conditions faster and more accurately and produces customized and turn-key projects and solutions.

Offering services to Turkey's major companies in the fields of Consultancy, Application Development, Project Management and Technical Support at international standards is a source of pride for Login Software employees. Since customer satisfaction is the top priority, all needs of every customer are analyzed thoroughly and necessary company-specific customizations can be easily applied.

ERP NEWS: In your opinion, why do companies value ERP applications this much?

Zeynep Gürdal: Customized ERP applications that accept corporations and extensive mechanisms deal with all units within the operation individually and develop the most accurate operation methods with thorough engineering works. Organizations that are determined to make progress should support engineering works in their operations and should not be overshadowed by factors such as efforts, labor and time that are required in the short term. Applications that have been practiced correctly minimize human errors with reliable approval mechanisms; help foresights to be analyzed with minimum errors and enable decisions are considered and made in line with these analyses in consideration of the whole organization.

Constantly changing economic conditions escalate the competition in the markets day by day. In this heating environment, organizations should keep pace with fast-changing technology in order to maintain profitability that is their primary goal. Companies that resist to technology will have difficulty in surviving in this information age.

Organizations need ERP applications for meeting their ever increasing needs in current conditions where mercy is about to perish, managing their business processes reliably and making the right decisions at the right time with healthy foresights. With ERP applications, organizations combine all their business processes on a single platform and guarantee continuous increase in management quality.

ERP NEWS: What benefits do ERP solutions provide to companies?

Zeynep Gürdal: Login Integrated ERP Solution is one of the strongest solutions in terms of reliability and fitness to development, compared to local and foreign competitors, during real-time use is flexible like no other precedent of its kind. The most important reason why we have full confidence in our Login Integrated ERP Solution is that we are interested in person in all processes of organizations, unlike the service offered by other companies, and we tailor our solution - ifnecessary - to the organization through detailed works.

Login ERP Application that is listed by Presidency of Revenue Administration in E-Book Compliant Software List has reached the competency to achieve its integration with the Presidency of Revenue Administration without requiring any other solution for E-Invoice Integration.

The skills of program in production operations meet satisfactorily the needs of make-to- order companies. Our Product Configurator logic that has few precedents not in Turkey but in the world facilitate the life of many production companies.

Getting stronger with each passing day with around 100 modules and ideas of our business partners, Login Integrated ERP System will become one of the products that will carry our national flag abroad with great pride and bring the information system reputation that our country well deserves.

ERP NEWS: Could you tell us about differences of your solution that set it apart from others under three main headings?

Zeynep Gürdal: Differences that set our solution apart from others are flexibility, reliability and production skill. The fact that Login Integrated ERP Solution is customizable by our software team extensively has been the most important source of positive opinion of our business partners about us. If those who do not believe in what’s been written about this matter ask a Login Integrated ERP user, we are sure that they will be impressed with the answer.

The skills of program in production operations meet satisfactorily the needs of make-to- order companies. Our Product Configurator logic that has few precedents not in Turkey but in the world has brought the success that could not be achieved by many software companies.

ERP NEWS: Education and consultancy has been a popular issue in software industry in the recent years.

Zeynep Gürdal: As Login Software, we have been providing education and consultancy for applications that we have developed for 26 years within our body through our consultant team. Since we work like tailors who work exclusively for the customer, the development of our applications is very dynamic. It is essential that the consultancy team is within our team in order to keep pace with all this dynamism.

As Login Software Family, teams of companies that decide to work with us are first given application consultancy and education and it is ensured that they cooperate with us in the application enhancement. This education that is offered to evaluate ideas of companies that collaborate with us in order to make our applications more comprehensive also increases efforts and knowledge embodied by Login Integrated ERP System with each passing day.

ERP NEWS: How do you think ERP applications will be shaped in the coming days?

Zeynep Gürdal: When resources should be managed properly, companies that do not have a strong application will face the inevitable ending. Executives who want to get out of this turmoil with the least loss should ensure data integrity across the entire organization, allocate sources that have been extensively defined and track the supervision with a reliable system. Companies where future planning is prepared with strong analyses will eventually increase their productivity and reach sustainable profitability. Driven by human intelligence, error-free technology and speed, ERP applications will continue to make great contributions to companies in the future as well.