Configurable Order Management with ERP

It is vital to manage end-to-end business processes with ERP software as each customer has a different demand. As an example from the kitchen sector, since our houses have different kitchen layouts, the columns and beams in our kitchens can vary in size. Instead of defining a large number of product trees for columns, beams, etc. that correspond to the standard products in the manufacturing factory, dynamic configurations are defined and a single product tree will be sufficient to complete the process.

Considering the variant of notch, configuration queries such as:

Is there any notch?
Width of notch
Length of notch

are asked at the time of order placement and it is ensured that a large number of dynamic and notched modules of a standard product are created in different sizes based on these three inquiries.

Thanks to the Login ERP Product Configurator solution, these variables allow you to minimize the number of individual product tree structures for notched modules that come from enterprises in different sizes to a single one.

We simply talked about the notch variable in this example. For all other variables such as cover model, cover color, cover direction, (if any) visible side, thickness and size of back, width, height and depth enterprises can define dynamic products trees based on the same logic and manage all processes such as production, production planning, procurement and shipment from a single platform and thus, achieve speed, accuracy and productivity.