Continuously Changing Economic Conditions

The ever-changing economic conditions are heating up the competition in the markets every day. In this warming environment, institutions need to keep up with the rapidly developing technology in order to maintain their primary goal of profitability. Firms resisting technology will have a hard time surviving in the information age we are in. Institutions need ERP applications in order to meet their ever-increasing needs in today's conditions where compassion disappears, to manage business processes safely, and to make the right decision at the right time with healthy forecasts. Thanks to ERP applications, institutions gather all their business processes on a single platform and ensure continuous improvement in management quality.

Customized ERP applications, which accept institutions as comprehensive mechanisms, cover all departments in the operation one by one, and develop the most accurate operation methods with comprehensive engineering studies. Organizations that aim to progress should support the engineering works in their operations, and should not be overshadowed by the costs, such as labor, effort and time needed in the short run, in the short run. With the correct applications, reliable confirmation mechanisms, it minimizes human errors, helps the predictions to be analyzed with the least errors and in the light of these analyzes, the decisions are made by considering the whole institution.

As Login Software, we have been offering Customized Corporate Management Information System Solutions since 1989. Our establishment aim will enable companies to increase their customer-oriented business management performances and be ready for changing business conditions at any time; thus, it is to develop software products that allow them to be among the successful companies that have great skills in accessing, revealing and using information. Another important target is to provide a fast, realistic and up-to-date information flow between companies and internal departments by preparing an environment for the management of companies' investments in different geographical regions through distributed databases and integration.

Consulting, Application Development, Project Management and Technical Support issues at international standards to serve Turkey's leading companies Login Software is a source of pride for employees. Since customer satisfaction is prioritized, the needs of each customer can be analyzed in detail and necessary customizations specific to the company can be made easily.

Login Integrated ERP Solution is one of the solutions that has 24 years of experience, is more flexible than any other peer and responds to the needs in the shortest time during use. Unlike the service provided by other companies, the most important reason we trust our Login Integrated ERP Solution is that we are personally interested in all processes of the institutions, and when necessary, we can customize our solution as tailor-made tailors with extensive work.

Login ERP Application, which is also included in the E-Ledger Compatible Software List by the Revenue Administration, has reached the competence to perform its own Integration with the Revenue Administration without the need for any other solutions for E-Invoice Integration.
The capabilities of the program in production operations safely respond to the needs of companies that make order-specific production in our country. Our product configurator logic, in which there is a number that does not exceed the fingers of a hand in our country, even in the world, makes its life easier for many manufacturing companies.

Institutions that do not have a strong application will experience an inevitable end when it comes to managing resources correctly. Managers who want to get rid of the turmoil with the least loss should ensure data integrity throughout the organization, assign the most defined resources in the most efficient way and monitor their control with a reliable system. Companies that future plans are made with strong analysis will increase efficiency sooner or later and reach sustainable profitability. Taking its power from human intelligence, technology's flawlessness and speed, ERP applications will contribute greatly to companies in the future as it is today.

Projects Manager - Zeynep Gürdal