Domestic and National Software Supported by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB): Login Software

If you want to be one of the companies that grow and strengthen beyond surviving, that manage to gain profit while maintaining to produce and provide services under increasingly difficult competitive conditions, meet Login Corporate Business Solutions with 100% domestic and national capital.

As Login Software, we have been supporting you in the digital transformation processes of companies independent from the sector since 1989 with our 30 years of experience. With Login Corporate Business Solutions, the domestic and national software focused on producing innovative and customized corporate business solutions, you can manage your resources with the right decisions at the right time.

You can manage your human resources, finance, supply chain and production processes in an end-to-end integrated and flexible way through Login Corporate Business Solutions that provides an advanced structure with which you can follow all your process on a single platform, where the information is produced correctly at one time and at the source, and the accuracy of the information is maintained at all processes, and through which all the authorized people can access the information and processes anytime and anywhere. The domestic and national software covering all the functions needed by the companies from corporate resource planning to human resources, from reporting to mobile use, Login Corporate Business Solutions adds value to the businesses of any sector and any scale with its architecture open for improvement, superior integration capability, user-friendly customizable menus and wide authorization options.

KOSGEB provides support to meet the software needs of your enterprises together with call for proposals related to increase the share of the high technology, value added products and SMEs in production and export. Within the scope of this call for proposal, the enterprises will be able to select one of the project topics determined by KOSGEB. At this point, Login Corporate Business Solutions supported by KOSGEB provides you with applications and additional integrated solutions independent from time and place with modular, adaptable, flexible, fast and easy structure. The KOSGEB supported domestic and national software, Login Software, is always with you at every stage with its solutions beyond time that are enriching over time for your projects bringing common solutions to common problems, reducing costs and providing competitive advantage, and cooperation-coalition projects to be realized about partner production in the fields of medium-high and high technology.