Effective Project Management and Application Methodology in ERP Projects

ERP Projects are long-term projects and require serious project management. Methodology applied with a good project management is very important during project installation rather than the abilities of ERP software. Mr. Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software ERP Solutions Consultant, told ERP HABER (NEWS) about effective project management and application methodology that should be used in ERP Projects.

As Login Software, how do you handle an ERP Project from A to Z?

What does Project Management mean for Login?

Savaş Göktürk: The purpose of Login Project Management is to regulate all agreements between Customer and Login Software. Project Management starts with the kick-off meeting and continues until the project is successfully completed. It means providing and using Project Management Resources AT THE RIGHT TIME, ECONOMICALLY, according to THE REQUIRED QUALITY. It is important to focus on attaining the intended result and paying attention to working EFFICIENTLY. We can categorize Basic Functions of Project Management under 4 headings such as Planning, Organization, Application and Control.

  • Project organization is mapped out as Project Management Team,

Project Management and Project Group. And then Project Kick-off

Meeting is held without delay.

The answers to the following questions are clarified in the project kick-off meeting.

  • What is the purpose and targets of the project?
  • Who will manage the project?
  • What is the scope of project?
  • How long will the project last?

The following matters are clarified during project kick-off meeting.

  • Implementation Methodology
  • Organization Structure
  • Determination of Sources
  • Determination of Existing Equipment
  • Adaptation and implementation processes commence after project kick-off meetings.​project-4

The following matters are clarified in the scope of

  • Preliminary Analysis,
  • Analysis Reports,
  • Settlement
  • Installation and Control process commences after adaptation and
  • implementation issues are clarified.

The following works are carried out in the Installation ​and Control phase:


  • Creating Test DB
  • Transferring Data
  • Loading
  • Defining System Parameters

The role of trainings in the success of ERP Projects is very important. In addition to all these processes, Real-Time Use is possible with the realization of following phases:

  • Project Team Trainings
  • Scenario Building and Tests
  • Satisfying the Needs related to Modules and Reports
  • Mutual agreement before Real-Time Use
  • Transition to Real-Time Use

We can list the major issues for a successful project as follows:

  • Executive Management Support,
  • Clear Goals,
  • Employee Involvement,
  • Motivation,
  • Leadership,
  • Training

Login Software works in strict adherence to these issues in Project Management.


Requirement Analysis:

Customer business processes are

synchronized with Login Integrated ERP standard process models.

Relevant Analysis Reports are prepared by Login consultants.

Consensus in Business Processes:

Customization works for the concluded business processes are confirmed in a meeting. All main flows are addressed. It is explained what Login Integrated ERP solution is against the status quo and what kind of application and/or development works will be carried out in the concerned project.

Necessary Modifications:

Necessary modifications are determined and documentation is prepared.


Development works are carried out for flows that are determined during the preliminary analysis works. After Development Department completes the process, Projects Department initiates testing phase for the developed parts.


Software is installed to customer’s system.


Customer makes necessary tests based on its existing work flows and scenarios.


Customer tests the delivered modules and notifies the result to Login.