Effective Stock Management: Package System

Mr. Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software ERP Solutions Consultant, reviewed in detail the Package System that is one of the effective stock methods for traceability and management of semi-finished products that is used for finished products that are frequent particularly in furniture industry for ERP NEWS based on an example.

Could you tell us about how Login ERP that has proven its worth by industry-specific solutions works in the furniture industry?

Ahmet Savaş Göktürk: Package System runs perfectly in Login ERP that has proven its worth with its solutions that are customized for furniture industry. I believe that it will be more beneficial to explain by an example.

For example, when we make an evaluation based on the product cabinet in the image, let’s assume that we have a cabinet with 7 packages (semi-finished products) and their contents are as follows:

PK1 Side Table

PK2 Post

PK3 Lower-Upper Table

PK4 Fixed Shelf-1

PK5 Interior Cap

PK6 External Cap

PK7 Fixed Shelf-2

If we are to define this cabinet of 7 packages in ERP that does not have a Package system, we need to open 7 different product trees and codes for each package because variants of each package should be separately defined. In this case, efforts made for 1 product are septuplets.

Product code: xxxPK1

Product code: xxxPK2

Product code: xxxPK3

Product code: xxxPK4

Product code: xxxPK5

Product code: xxxPK6

Product code: xxxPK7 etc.

In Login ERP Package System, a stock card can be defined for each semi-finished product as described above and single code tree can be created without need for creating a product tree and you can define which semi-finished products are in which package.

What facilities are provided by this for other units?

Ahmet Savaş Göktürk: You can monitor work orders in 7 different packages and when any package is not completed, it is displayed as open work order.

Moreover, on the stock package information, for example when xxx001 work order is received, you can define 7 separate labels for this product instead of 7 product trees and they can be scanned and thus, forwarded to storage.

Shipment storage can view that this product comprises of 7 packages on the shipment and it can issue a dispatch note when it finds and ships all 7 packages and dispatch note is comprised directly of finished product code, i.e. for example xxx001, rather than package. Of course, this enables you to save time.