ERP Applications in Food Raw Material Industry

We talked to Mr. Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software ERP Solutions Consultant, about ERP applications in fast-developing Food raw material industry in Turkey where many international players are also involved.

Could you tell us about Food Raw Material Industry?

Savaş Göktürk: Food industry converts plant and animal origin raw materials obtained from agriculture into consumable products with long shelf life with one or more processes applied. Food industry has undergone very significant structural changes and transformations in the recent years. Shift toward contractual agriculture, renewal of technology, expansion of quality systems, mergers, new marketing techniques and development of industrial organization are significant structural changes and transformations.

Does Login Industry have a tailored solution developed for food raw material industry?

Savaş Göktürk: As Login software, we have many customers who operate in the Food industry in Turkey. We have successfully integrated a number of customized applications for these customers into Login ERP throughout the years. We also developed a customized solution especially to food raw material industry based on know-how acquired by us in the food industry. If we are to talk about the specifics of this customized solution, Login integrated ERP has a modular structure that addresses all industries. In addition to this structure, we developed additional applications and screens in order to meet the needs in food raw material industry in particular. We also complete the installation of these additional applications and screens for our customers in the food industry along with Login integrated ERP standard.

Companies engaged in the food industry may often operate in other industries as well.As Login, can you satisfy the needs?

Savaş Göktürk: Not being suite software is the greatest advantage of Login Integrated ERP because as you have mentioned, these companies that are engaged in the food industry may also operate in other industries. Login ERP is flexible enough to adapt to any industry. Companies not only use additional applications and screens that we develop for food industry but also manage their other enterprises operating in other industries by using Login ERP. They can draw up reports and manage and view the real picture from a single system.

Could you please give some details about the solution you offer to food industry? What kind of a solution do you offer to a Food Enterprise from A to Z?

Savaş Göktürk: In addition to Accounting, Finance, Sales, Procurement, Stock Management, MRP, Storage management, B2B and Payroll applications, Sales Representatives on the field can connect via their laptops or tablets to the host system through Mobile Sales Module and transfer their necessary order information and while doing this, they can review the latest stock status and current account status of customers.

With Login Mobile Sales module that is developed for mobile field sales and runs on laptops, Sales Representatives and Product Managers can make face-to- face negotiations with customers and take their orders; connect to company’s headquarters; check current price lists, customer’s current account status and risks.

Since other modules of Login ERP are effectively used in food enterprise, all orders, order confirmations from customers, risk controls, loading, dispatch and invoice transactions can be made speedily with information entry at the minimum level in line with the sales module installed. This process supported by Discount and Price List applications enables a shorter sales process. Consequently, increased customer satisfaction and productivity mean higher profits.

With Login ERP that aims at increasing distribution efficiency by enabling Sales Representatives to access easily to stock, sales and price information from any place in Turkey, Food enterprises can now take more efficient and fast action especially in sales processes.

With Login Mobile Sales Module that enables every salesman to make his sales, Food Enterprise can deliver all financial and logistics reports as required by local legislation or foreign-based headquarters with Login ERP system.

Login ERP offers increased productivity and decreased stocks to Food Enterprises. Planning is improved and profitability is increased with the right and timely production schedules.

Login Mobile Sales Module that runs simultaneously with Login ERP, which is the core of the solution developed for food enterprises, allows strategic and tactical management in sales processes.

With its parametric structure and extensive functions and allowing establishing flexible sales models and applications, Login ERP continues to be installed in many Food enterprises and add value to these companies.