ERP as a Living Structure

It is evident that Business Solutions, which started to enter into our country in the 80s and especially in the 90s, still are not at the deserved place. I will refer to mapping of  "After Sales" and  " ERP as a living structure  " in ERP investments made without forgetting that many businesses having the save the day approach, still continue to spend life with excel, mail, phone, fax.

The importance of post-sales support in ERP systems and nowadays the speed in  fulfilling the customer demands are becoming more and more valuable.

We can argue that nowadays business world is in a more complex and dynamic process compared to the past. While keeping pace with this dynamism and change is gaining more importance with each passing day, the concept of speed has    equal importance at the point of responding to the expectations of the users.

We can say that it has become almost an obligation to follow up correctly the process in which so much change and innovation took place and  for this, to adapt the company's software accordingly.  At this point, it is very important that the ERP investments made should  have the flexibility to respond to the future demands of the businesses. It is extremely critical to work with a software, service provider, which has an approach for keeping pace with this change not just in software but also in service point.

As we see in many projects nowadays, we are faced with such  consequences that despite the same industry and scale, X software running in company A does not work in company B! Of course there are a number of reasons for this,  perhaps even deserves a title in itself, but it is certainly not right to evaluate only software’s  visible  features  which is unknown whether it will work or not in your company.

It should not be forgotten that the service to be provided and the persons to be worked together are more important.  If the software is compatible with ERP concept, in any case,  it will meet the company’s all requirements  today, tomorrow and average 10 years with small improvements  in the worst conditions.

A systematic whole that transforms with change like life itself..

In summary, ERP is a living structure too. Hence, like life itself, ERP has to be in a systemic approach that does not resist change, but transform with change. In  ERP investments after going live, it should not be abstained from incorporating to the system additional enhancements or new adaptations regarding the expectations of users or by pursuing strategic new business models.

In addition, this enthusiasm always should go on looking straight ahead :)

Author: Ahmet Savaş Göktürk