ERP Solution by Login for Concrete Industry

A major part of our country is located in the seismic zone. Given this fact, new earthquake regulation came into force in 1998 in order to increase building quality and build earthquake resistant buildings.

Ready-mixed concrete technology where advanced technology is utilized, mixture ratios of ingredients are controlled by computers, material quality meets standards, transport and delivery of concrete is further facilitated through transmixer and pumps and all of these processes are implemented swiftly and economically is expanding and is becoming one of the indispensible elements of construction industry.

Sales, orders, recipes, production, procurement, stock management and storage management applications can be run in integration from Login Integrated ERP by means of the developed solution.

Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant Automation System for Concrete Industry

Login Integrated ERP can exchange data automatically with Read- Mixed Concrete Plant Automation System and performs online work flow procedures. Risk control for sale orders provides a big added value to companies.

For example, it is possible to fix the price for 90 days because concreting in this case is expected to be completed in 90 days in ordinary operations of the industry.

With Login Integrated ERP – Concrete Solution, you can ensure timely return of productions to the system and opening any order in any m 3 and enabling/controlling concreting process to be realized as much as the opened m3.

It also allows to insert guarantees for Risk Control, which is one of the most important elements for concrete industry, and entry in the form of Total Risk. It is also possible to ensure that these figures are controlled in line with the authorization defined when the order is opened.

Manufacturers can display the following with Login Integrated ERP – Concrete Solution via Account Risk Information screen:

  • Payables/Receivables/Balance status; Turnover, Payment, Other,Total
  • Check/Note/Total status: Unendorsed, Endorsed, Special, Total.
  • With Login Integrated ERP – Concrete Solution, you can access to Shipping Order, Dispatch Order, Approved Shipment, Consignment Invoice, Order, Balance Credit, Risk Credit, Issued Credit, Guarantee, Balance Risk, Document Risk, Transaction Sum and Available Credit information.In Login Integrated ERP – Concrete Solution Dispatch Note module, dispatch notes are recorded in real-time and daily production quantity can also be displayed.

Invoicing at 7-Day Intervals” that is one of the important elements of industry is possible. Invoices can be issued daily according to the needs.


Information such as Date of Delivery, Customer Account, Destination of Shipment, Method of Delivery, Stock Name, Order Quantity and Door-to- Door can be easily accessed on the dispatch screen. In the Packaging List, information such as Vehicle Plate Number, Name of Forwarder and Storage can be accessed through a simple screen.

On the Analysis and Forwarding Screen, information such as Shipment sum, (if any) additional sums, Empty Vehicle Weight and Net vehicle weight can be accessed. On the Stock screen, Pump Plate, Name of Scale Operator, Transmixer driver code, Pump Operator Code, Empty Scale date and hour, Full Scale date and hour and Stock Integration Status can be easily accessed.


With Login Integrated ERP – Concrete Solution,the following information related to Total, Central Storage, Storage A and Storage B can be obtained about the State of Stocks on the dispatch note screen:

  • Available quantity
  • Quantity in Process
  • Sales order quantity
  • Approved sales order quantity
  • Purchase Order
  • SİB
  • Procurement order quantity
  • Quality control quantity


  • With Login Integrated ERP- Concrete Solution Consignment Guide, manufacturers can access to all information such as Date of Dispatch, Date of Delivery, Current Account Name, Destination (Vehicle Plate), Destination (Company Title), Quality, Status (Open, Closed) Storage and Responsible Employee from a single screen.
  • With Login Integrated ERP- Concrete Solution, Average Sales Sum can be displayed in two options -on m3 and TRY basis – with Dispatch Breakdown Report that simplifies the work of manufacturing companies and enables a very serious control.

Furthermore, information such as name of dealer, Customer title (destination), Region, Stock name, Method of Delivery, Quantity, Sales price, Pump (Service), Sum, Maturity, Net (VAT excl.) can be obtained from Dispatch Breakdown Report.

Additionally, you can access through Dispatch Breakdown Report information such as in the Facility, Pumped in the Facility, Mixer, Pump, Band, Total and Average Net on Quantity/ Sum/ Net basis.

Quality Assurance Teams enters the applicable recipe. Operator is not authorized. This contributes in many ways to the company.
Thus, it is possible to avoid any difference between what is manufactured and what is dispatched and to control strictly all consignments, including high quality concrete.

Login Integrated ERP- Concrete Solution creates a relationship between PO and sales dispatch order. Additionally, Scale weighing values are associated with relevant dispatch note in the expenses of relevant dispatch and thus, actual state can be controlled without depending on PO, and all phases are kept under official record.

In Login Integrated ERP- Concrete Solution Cost Breakdown Report,you can view from this report the relevant production cost and access to information such as how much concrete was shipped to which customer, on which date and which recipe was used and the difference in kg (+) (-) between this recipe and the obtained value.