ERP Solutions in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry

Hydraulic and pneumatic products are considered the most technological products of machine manufacturing industry. Thus, it is not possible to develop this industry without developing machine industry first. It will be more proper to say that they develop in parallel. We caught up with Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login ERP Solutions Consultant, about the role of ERP solutions in the proper management of complex processes in the industry where considerable engineering infrastructure is needed.

Have you ever implemented ERP Project in hydraulic and pneumatic industry?

Yes. We implemented a successful project that is engaged in the manufacturing and trade of hydraulic system and elements. This company where we implemented the project used to prepare its proposals manually before Login ERP. This resulted in considerable waste of time and high labor costs and might lead to serious errors. Since stocks could not be viewed properly and healthily in the old system, it might cause wrong decisions to be made. Visionary managing partners of the company decided to start using a new information system that is in conformity with all business processes instead of using some software that restricted them. To this end, they launched an ERP Project. After the elimination process that lasted for a few months, they chose Login ERP software which they saw to cover all business processes.

How long did it take to complete the project?

We completed project implementation process in 4 months. With Login ERP, the first thing to do was to put stocks in good order. Every single procurement, both at home and abroad, started to be tracked on “lot” basis; thus, product traceability was achieved.

What kind of a solution do you – as Login ERP – offer to hydraulic and pneumatic industry?

One of the major reasons why the company chose Login ERP is "configuration" module of the system. With configuration, all processes from sales & order phase to production phase, are implemented rather quickly and smoothly. A separate “static product tree” is not created for every product. Instead, “dynamic product trees” are created where variants are expressed in formulae. System automatically creates a product tree for the product at that moment depending on variant values set at the time of order placement. Works can be easily done without the need to create product trees, the number of which can reach to millions, by using around 300 dynamic product trees.​

gcnjWith “storage automation” project that is realized in company storages, shelf addressing was performed and all products can now be tracked via barcodes. With radio frequency (RF) handheld terminals used in the storages, all operations such as goods acceptance, transfers and shipment can be entered into system online and without error.

In addition to all these advantages, company can know “actual costs” of products that are manufactured and traded in full and on time. Thus, lists of sales prices can be kept up-to- date and fast and error-free proposals can be prepared. With Login HR and Payroll that is commissioned in the scope of ERP Project, all information of employees can be tracked via the system. Tally and payrolls can be easily created based on raw input-output data received from data collection terminals at entrance turnstiles.