Example Order-Production Scenario in Door Industry

Door industry is one of the challenging industries where variables need to be managed. Especially in project-based make-to-order enterprises, the integration of Order-Production process and its efficient and smooth operation appear as a challenging concept.

All door-related variables are managed in the order placement phase, which is the root of the process, allowing data that feed the system to proceed in a healthy manner.

For example, the following questions should be asked during the order placement phase and their answers should be managed via the system and an invisible new product tree should be created at the background upon the triggering of Dynamic Product Trees.

During the order placement phase:

Door Direction,

Door Location,

Color of Wing,

The number of hinges,

Type of Glass,

Coating Direction,

Door Lock,

Door Hinge,

Type of Handle,



Stopper Model,

Form of Packaging,

Door Handle Color,

Handle Location,

Case Type

When the above-listed variables are asked at the order placement and automatic product trees are created with Dynamic Product Trees that allow formulating and are managed by existing formulae at the background based on the answers, order and production processes will run interdependently. All variables that I have mentioned above are customizable on company basis, i.e. they can be revised according to modus operandi of such company.

Such technological investments will support enterprises both in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction especially when Industry 4.0 is introduced into our business life.

Author: Ahmet Savaş Göktürk