Just-In-Time (JIT) Production with Login MRP

In this process where the value of time is gradually increasing, we made an interview with Ahmet Savaş Göktürk from Login Software that aspires to help companies to make the right decisions at the right time on Just-in- Time (JIT) Production.

To begin with, could you tell us why JIT is this much important?

Following the gradual increase in value of resources, the need for not keeping finished products in stock has become greater in this process. Not being able to reduce customer wait times or rejecting customers may mean losing these customers in this highly competitive environment.

Your customers are no longer waiting and your resources are no longer depleting thanks to "JIT-Kanban" which is a Login solution helping you to overcome every challenge that you may face in these cases. Login enables your raw materials, import items or materials to be used to enter your storage just in time and save you time.

Well, what other facilities does JIT provide?

Login also enables you to manage your wastages, operation times and handling times and allows your customers to manage their orders.

Additionally, you can track sell-by- dates of your raw materials and Login retrieves data and gives you information about which raw materials have the closest sell-by- dates and enables you to use them directly in the production.

Could you tell us briefly about solutions that JIT provides?

It is possible to say in the existing conditions that it is a structure that can answer the following questions in a solution-oriented manner:

How much/many and which semi-finished products are available in the Operation-Process?

How much/many raw materials – semi-finished products have been ordered?

How much of any product etc. and which product is available in which storage?

How much wastage can be tolerated?etc.

Finally, what does Login JIT promise to its customers with Login JIT?

It is possible with Login to manage all your materials, product trees, orders, stock quantities, safety levels, wastages and storages with user file interface.

With Login MRP, you can implement Just-in- Time (JIT) production.

Although zero stock is currently utopia, ‘Minimum Stock’ is possible with Login.