License Plating (LP) Concept in Stock Management

LP (License Plating) is a method developed for manufacturers to help them to improve operational efficiency and supply chain operations, to group inventory and manage them easily. With LP (License Plating) method, manufacturing companies gain speed and efficiency in their warehouses; minimize their errors and increase stock traceability.

We talked with Mr. Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software ERP Solutions Consultant, about LP (License Plating) concept that works successfully in integration with ERP solution of Login Software, one of the local software manufacturers.

How does LP (License Plating) concept increase operational efficiency of companies?

Savaş Göktürk: With LP (License Plating) method, you manage your stocks in groups and accelerate stock traceability. LP (License Plating) concept works in full integration with Login Smart Handheld Terminal System. The mode of operation is based on management of stocks in groups with a single code/barcode.

You can first increase your operational efficiency and then minimize errors and increase stock traceability since you can manage different types of products separately but with a single code/barcode that are available in a box, palet, cardboard etc.

What kind of information is kept in LP (License Plating)?

Savaş Göktürk: One or more mixed products may be included in LP (License Plating). It is a decision to be made based on the structure of your enterprise and product range as a result of system analysis and according to the wishes of your customer. Once LP is created, barcode label or RFID tag is automatically created and affixed on the box, pallet or cardboard. It is possible to keep different information such as lot number, Series number, Location, Organization, type of inventory, Quantity, date of production, revision number, best before etc. on a single LP (License Plating) and track them via a single label.   lp-2-600​​​

How do enterprises understand that they need LP (License Plating) concept?  

Savaş Göktürk: There are some signs for an enterprise to understand that it needs LP (License Plating). You can facilitate your life by using LP if the following signs are valid for your company:

Too slow warehouse operations,

Too many stock errors,

 Production slowdown or interruption due to stock shortages,

If your customers want tailored labels,

Too complex and difficult to track inputs/outputs to/from your warehouse,

Too difficult to plan and manage your shipments and loading operations or you are worried about this,

You want to get rid of the complexity in your stocks.

If you think that one of these 8 items is applicable to you, then you should build LP (License Plating) logic to your enterprise without losing time.