Login ERP Certified as Domestic Product

Login ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software, a product of Login Software that focuses on producing innovative and customized corporate business solutions since 1989, has been certified as Domestic Product after it has been determined that it meets the domestic product criteria determined for software pursuant to the Communiqué No. SGM 2014/35 on Domestic Product published in the Official Gazette dated 13/09/2014 and numbered 29118.  

Pursuant to the Law No. 7033 on the Amendment of Certain Laws and Decree Laws for the Development of Industry and the Promotion of Production, which was promulgated in the Official Gazette dated 1 July 2017, information technology and software producing companies were included in the scope of industrial enterprise, industrial works and industrialists. Obtaining also the Capacity Report and Industrial Registration Document in a short time as well as Domestic Product Certificate, Login Software, as a 100% Turkish company, will continue to serve with its customer-oriented approach and strong, experienced and expert staff, trained within the company, acting with the principle of one hundred percent responsibility and always support its customers.