Login Makes a Great Difference with e-Invoicing Solutions

Having offered Customized Management Information System Solutions since 1989, Login Software saves companies from integrator cost with e-Invoice Portal + e-Invoice Integration Web Service solutions.

Incoming and outgoing invoices are realized via e-Invoice portal introduced by Presidency of Revenue Administration (GİB) via efature.gov.tr. E-invoices that are created in the format determined by the GİB issued by Login e-Invoice Portal+ are uploaded to the portal collectively and transferred to the system. The monthly use of portal is limited by GİB to 500 e-invoices.

Integrator costs are set to zero with Login Integration Web Service Solution.

Since GİB limits the monthly use to 500 invoices, many companies opted for integrator solutions and Login software customers can manage their incoming-outgoing invoices via Login Integrated ERP with web services without need for integrator in an integrated structure with GIB by means of Login Integrated Web Service solution.

E-Invoice costs of Login Customers are minimized with zeroed integrator load. Employee productivity is also increased since manual workload is eliminated with Login Integrated Web Service solution.

E-Invoice receipt and delivery transactions can be made automatic with the integration of GİB of Login Integrated ERP. With additional server software, e-invoices prepared by Login e-invoice are sent to the recipient via GİB Server and similarly, invoices received via GİB Server are transferred to Login Integrated ERP system.

Key Features of Login Integrated ERP e-invoice solutions

A field is available in Customer and Supplier Current Cards where it can be defined whether the current account is an e-invoice taxpayer and to which scenario it is included.

A system that can connect to GİB every evening automatically and check and retrieve current cards against taxpayer numbers and update current cards is available.

E-invoice and scenario definition added to customer current card runs in full integration with sales invoice screens.

E-invoices issued from e-invoice approval screen are displayed on this screen and it is ensured that authorized people approve these invoices that are issued from this screen.

A customized monitoring screen is available for converting approved invoices into XML format and signing. With the help of buttons on this screen, e-invoices issued and approved are converted to XML format and signed as requested by GİB.