Login Supports Prospect Industrial Engineers

Having been launched 5 years ago by a group of academicians and via a social media platform and acting since 2016 in line with the guidance from Industrial Engineers in order to develop contents for prospective industrial engineers, Industrial Engineering platform entered into partnership with Login Software. Founded by Bahadır Kaya, the Platform have organized a number of events and campaigns and made its mark on social media and national press coverage.Having reached tens of thousands of followers by 2016, the platform has active representatives in more than 20 universities and it continues its activities at full speed.

In November 2016, they announced that they would enter into solution partnership with Login Software. They will collaborate to train young people who are interested in ERP field and to make it easier for Login Software to establish communication with universities.

Login Software aims at helping to share with industrial engineers and prospective industrial engineers their ERP software versions and their experiences in the industry as well as information about ERP, which is one of the areas that industrial engineers in Turkey prefer to work in and are curious about the most.

Login Software and Industrial Engineers Platform have combined their resources to raise Industrial Engineers who are more equipped for the industry through university organizations for ERP industry and trainings toward the platform members and got one step closer to the future success.