Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control, determines the product to be produced in the enterprise, determines the needs of the enterprise for production, the targeted quality of the product; It is a production management application that enables to obtain the calculated time, cost and amount, uses the available resources in the most efficient way and maximizes the total profit. Production Planning is a set of activities that are applied to the company to reach its target in the shortest time and in the most efficient way, and contribute positively to all other goals and functions of the business. It links the company's strategic goals to production operations and does this in line with the determined financial budgets, sales targets and resource adequacy. Thanks to planning, the activities to be carried out for production are determined and it is observed whether the resources available for these activities are sufficient. When and where these activities will take place are scheduled.

The main purpose of Production Planning is to determine all production operations required to meet customer demand. The basic point to start in planning production is sales forecasts and accepted orders. If the company has implemented the right planning at the right time, the business can meet the customer demand in the best and targeted way while keeping its stocks at a minimum. For example, when making a demand estimate, how much product should be produced within a specified period is calculated and a rate is deducted with a 10% waste rate. Different production methods can be used to meet the projected demand. All operations of the production process are mapped with a flowchart. This helps you examine how to improve the functioning of the process and helps you recognize any problems that may arise in a possible situation.

Production control, on the other hand, checks and analyzes the conformity of the production to be realized with the planned production and tries to eliminate the problems (if any) in the findings. Planning starts with the analysis of data regarding the compatibility of products to be produced and production resources, and operations are put into operation according to the steps determined in the production plan, respectively. Control, on the other hand, starts and supervises the operations with the "feedback" method in order for the company to reach the target set for production. In other words, production planning is the first stages of production, and production control is the activities that are carried out during production or just after production in order to measure whether the quality standards are reached.