I would like to briefly dwell on the current relationship among SCADA, MES, ERP and BI in the present day, when instant access to information has become more important depending on the instant data for standing out in the competition.

SCADA: SCADA stands for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” and is translated into Turkish as "Danışmalı Kontrol ve Veri Toplama Sistemi" or "Uzaktan Kontrol ve Gözleme Sistemi". In a nutshell, it is the common name of a system that can be audited and controlled from industrial computers, communication devices such as PLCs, detectors such as sensors or other devices. This software includes digital control and automatic machine control solutions.
MES: MES stands for "Manufacturing Execution System" and is translated into Turkish as "Üretim Yürütme Sistemi". It is a computer-aided system that acts like a conductor in a factory and is integrated on-line, where data are collected through various methods used in production.
ERP: ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning" and is translated into Turkish as "Kurumsal Kaynak Planlaması". It adopts as a principle to use efficiently labour, machinery and materials required for the production of goods and services in enterprises and what’s more important, it is a name given to integrated management system. It allows enterprises to carry out accounting, current account, checks and notes, fixtures, income-expenditure budget, inventory, warehouse, sales (proposal, order, project proposal), procurement (demand, scope, approval, order), import (all import processes), export (all export processes, including documents), technical service, production (product trees, work orders, material requirement planning, tabulation, production planning), maintenance-repair and quality in an end-to-end integrated structure and management that speaks the same language.
BI: BI stands for "Business Intelligence" and is translated into Turkish as "İş Zekası". Business intelligence software allows raw data to be processed to make it more meaningful and useful while at the same time enabling in-depth analysis of the data. It is also the name of getting instant reports through billions of lines of data. It is also a very important tool for the meetings to be more dynamic and focus on analysis.

I can clearly state that these four concepts are the most important keys to digital transformation.

It is necessary to understand the correlation between concepts properly and for example, the technologies that fall into the concept of ERP should not be expected from MES or technologies that fall into the concept of BI should not be expected from ERP. Otherwise, it will become impossible to avoid software disasters.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and enjoyable 2018.

I wish you all a wonderful year where all your projects will be 100% successful.

Best regards,

Author: Ahmet Savaş Göktürk