The Importance of Support in ERP Projects

Since one time sales in the software world have been replaced by service model, maintenance and support services have become as important as software itself. No matter how good an analysis is made within the ERP project, it is not possible to foresee certain elements before their actual use. Small details depending on the nature of your business, its processes, and even on the habits of use of your employees open the door for maintenance and support needs that cannot be foreseen before actual use.

In such cases, it is crucial that the solution provider offers good support services so that you can get the most from the product you use. It is your incontestable right to expect the same level of interest and care from your solution provider who is always there for you, just like a “team mate" after the transition to actual use.

It is not easy for companies to find someone who can give this support. The concept of maintenance and support in the post-project phase is often linked to the agenda of small teams, comprising of 1-2 members, or hotlines that are ready to charge you once they pick up the phone. When access to support services becomes restricted or difficult, this service ceases to be an option after a while. When support is ended, problems are unavoidably regarded as a natural process and ignored. In such a scenario, even if the ERP project is successful, it is not possible to say that it makes a real benefit to the enterprise.

However, companies that collaborate with a solution partner, like Login ERP, which offers unlimited support services at any time in the post-project term, get immediate help for their problems and needs that arise during actual use. Thanks to fast support offered, communication with the support team gets stronger and even the smallest hurdles can be solved in this way.

Disciplined business conduct of the support team, like an in-house department, and being readily accessible enable to meet expectations of the enterprise much more easily. Thus, maximum benefits can be obtained from any ERP project.