Three in One HR Management: Shift-PDKS, Leave and Payroll

Deniz Yılmaz, Login Software HR Pre-Sales Representative, answered questions of ERP NEWS about Three in One HR Management, Login HR Shift-PDKS Management, Leave Management and Payroll Management solutions.

ERP NEWS: Could you tell us about your Login Integrated HR product?

Deniz Yılmaz: Login Integrated HR Human Resources (HR) Management System is designed to allow companies to manage their human resources processes effectively and efficiently and comprises of numerous basic applications that are integrated with each other. Login Human Resources Program also offers many formal or statistical reports and monitoring screens and a highly enriched information system to management departments.

Login Software continues to reflect instantly all amendments and developments in the legislation to software that is being developed and all regulations stipulated by laws are structured within Login HR Software Program in detail and quickly put into use.

Thanks to the parametric and customizable interface of Login HR Software, you can easily adapt and build even the most complex human resources models and restructure them according to your needs.

ERP NEWS: What features of Login HR Payroll Management stand out?

Deniz Yılmaz: Login HR Payroll Management allows users to manage easily their payroll processes on behalf of their unlimited number of personnel with hundred percent accurate calculations in accordance with legislation. This structure is the greatest friend of companies since it allows creating customized structures for different types of payrolls and managing the program with different variants and saving time as it enables to make pay rolling- specific strong reports.                 1

Deniz Yılmaz: Managing personnel leaves and shift flows accurately, healthy monitoring and control of clock-ins & outs are other important factors that save time and bring along productivity. At this point, we offer to our users Leave Management and Shift-PDKS Management solutions that are automatically integrated to personnel payrolls. These processes that we have been developing in accordance with legislation and corporate policies offer the highest productivity in business process management of our customers by means of their integrated structures that work in parallel. 2

ERP NEWS: What are the differences between Login Integrated HR solution and conventional HR software?    Deniz Yılmaz: The most important features that set our solutions apart from others are parametric structure that is in compliance with current legislation and allows perfect and 100% accurate calculations, its reliability, flexibility with customer tailored reports and screen developments and its easy-to- understand and easy-to- use structure. 

Customized Reporting Opportunity with its Parametric Structure that complies with Legislation

Deniz Yılmaz: The most important source of positive opinions of our business partners about us is extensive customization of our Login HR solutions by our software team. The ability of our program to store, monitor and report all unprocessed data about personnel clock-ins & outs, leave transactions and payrolls on date basis meets the need of HR departments of companies to present various reports especially to executive management in a crucial and reliable manner.      34