What is ERP? What It Provides to Firms?

Growing is not only for giant companies; It is important for the institution at any scale with future targets. For this reason, ERP projects provide fast and feasible benefits not only for large-scale organizations but also for SMEs. While these benefits range from cost savings to increased productivity; it is also possible to bring a much more effective and faster decision mechanism to the management level. Family companies starting with an ERP project in the transition to the second generation; While it enables new managers to have more comprehensive and up-to-date information about the company, it standardizes the processes by cleansing them from human error.

Concrete achievements of an ERP project, which has been successfully completed, are listed as follows:

Lower Cost

When you work with a solution partner that can make special improvements for your processes such as Login ERP, you can predict customer expectations and access stock information much more quickly and comprehensively thanks to the software and applications you will integrate into your business. Thanks to the ability to take action quickly on the stock that ERP software will bring to your business, you will work with less stock and reduce your costs significantly.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

With ERP, your business processes are extracted from many human-related errors. Incorrect invoices, incorrect deliveries, and disruptions in production are eliminated with a good ERP project. Thanks to the products coming out of the production line under the name of the customer, there is no room for error. In this way, you respond to your customers' needs much more quickly and effectively and increase customer satisfaction and brand value.

Faster Reports

Creating reports for companies means that an employee is lost between Excel documents, perhaps for a week. However, as a result of digitizing all business processes with ERP, it becomes possible to receive reports in seconds with a single click over the data waiting to be reported in a central database. In this way, both employees and managers may not focus on preparing reports, but rather on developing business ideas that will grow the company and increase sales.

More Productivity

Besides productivity, ERP software supports productivity with functions that will increase the value added by each employee to the company. Especially companies that create different departments during the growth phase can ensure that company goals are always presented in a transparent and understandable way, which will motivate all employees, with ERP applications. Loyalty and productivity of employees who have gained ERP competency increases.

More Effective Management

Fast reports and more efficient HR processes; it also enables the management level to make more effective and instant decisions. For example, the process of the acquisition of the second generation in family companies with an ERP project; it allows both existing and new managers to view all processes from a digital perspective and to use their data as meaningful information.