What is ERP? Why ERP and ERP Advantages

ERP is an abbreviation of "Enterprise Resource Planning" which means "Enterprise Resource Planning". Its main purpose is to collect all data and operational activities of an enterprise at a single point. It is the management information system that ensures the most efficient use of all resources of the business.

Why do we need ERP?

The ERP software application helps companies to implement the most accurate resource planning by integrating all the processes necessary for companies to work connected to a single system. With ERP software, all processes and functions of an enterprise are interconnected, thus facilitating the flow of information between departments and allowing a job done by more than one person for a long time to be done by fewer people in a shorter time. A healthy ERP system that meets the needs in the most ideal way is the greatest advantage of a business.

Advantages of ERP

ERP system provides lower management and operation costs by gathering all the resources required for production under a single roof. It ensures interdepartmental integration, accelerates the flow of information, and increases productivity and cooperation, in order to respond to customer demands that may vary in any case, in the fastest and most optimal way. It gathers all the data of the enterprise under a single roof, thus reducing the error rate, reducing the risk, and the existing infrastructure becomes ready for use in the most consistent and efficient way.