What is the B Plan of Companies?

Individuality is an orientation that has dominated western societies for many years. The developing communication and storage technology offers people their own private lives. Although the tools offered to people make people slave to their ambitions and passions from time to time, they also provide serious opportunities to perform themselves.

As technology virtualizes people, it fades cultural nuances. The impact of individuals' virtual projections embodied themselves as digital networks became stronger. First, its impact on social issues has shaken the decisions of many organizations, and then has gained experience in acting as a community over time. As people's digital footprint increased, concrete steps were first archived into the lineage, and then pragmatic thinking left its place to the decision mechanisms provided by computers.

As communication technologies developed, human life started to move to abstract environments. Corporate businesses followed the transformation of private life into abstract environments. As the working segment experienced the transition to the belt, the habits of private life changed the way they do business. This is neither the first nor the last wave of change.

Companies are no longer operated by word of mouth or ink-crafted symbols. Many businesses are increasing their digital footprints day by day. As footprints increase, individuals' hard-to-transfer experiences will return to digital decision systems as useful data. If companies want to be organizations that live, develop and dominate for centuries, they should carry the experience in institutions, not individuals.

Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, companies had the opportunity to make a serious analysis of their levels of digitalization. It is such an analysis that its success will have vital consequences and turn all plans upside down. Mankind first experienced the weakness of communication, then access and management of information. However, the way to control this whole process was obvious and it was presented in a silver tray. Man thinks that time will never end.

Levent Sılay

The illusion that she has unlimited time in her life, which is managed with limited resources, causes many people to postpone the benefits. As long as institutions are ruled by people, this error will be their biggest enemy. When people and therefore institutions put what is important in front of the emergency, they will build organizations that will ensure their future and remain strong for centuries. Let's take these steps of digitalization, which we postponed together, and create a corporate history that has been transmitted for generations. Then it will come to us like the rain we watched through the epidemic glass.

Best Regards,

Levent Sılay

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