Digital Transformation Event in Furniture Industry Took Place in İnegöl

Digital Transformation event in furniture industry, hosted by İnegöl Furniture Industrialists’ Association (IMOS) and organized by Login Software, took place on March 7th, 2019 in İnegöl with high participation.

In the event that took place with guests coming from Bursa, Ankara, Eskişehir, Kütahya, Düzce, Sakarya and Çankırı as well as İnegöl, presentations on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Production Execution Systems), Lean Manufacturing, State Incentives, Augmented Reality, Local and International Supply Chain Management, Importance of Digitalization and e-Commerce were made.

In the event held in İnegöl that earned itself a reputable name in the furniture industry both in Turkey and the world, the first presentation started with Mr. Ömür Demir, Production Director at Lazzoni Furniture. In his presentation, Mr. Ömür Demir shared valuable information related to the management of local and international supply chain management over software that runs in an integrated fashion.

Following the presentation of Mr. Ömür Demir, Mr. Mecit Boyacı, Lean Manufacturing Consultant from Yalın Sigma Danışmanlık, took the floor to talk about lean manufacturing. Noting that lean manufacturing is required in every sphere of life, Mr. Mecit Boyacı, who started his presentation by explaining "What is Lean Manufacturing and Management?", shared his experiences on lean manufacturing and management in the furniture industry.

In his presentation titled "Turquality" in the Furniture Industry, Mr. Metin Kiriş from Kiriş Danışmanlık raised awareness about whether Turquality is an incentive, a document or an understanding and shared his experiences based on sample cases in the relevant field.

After the presentation of Mr. Metin Kiriş, a 30-minute tea/coffee and networking break was given and Mr. Levent Sılay, Board Member of Login Software, appeared on the stage. The presentation of Mr. Levent Sılay involved sub-headings such as Determining Demand Limits on Meeting Demand-Based Orders in Production Enterprises, Taking Order at Source, Demand-Based Planning and Production.

After Mr. Levent Sılay's presentation, Mr. Cüneyt Ünver, Project Sales Engineer from ACD Bilgi İşlem, took the floor to make his presentation on Online Data Acquisition and Productivity Tracking Systems in Production, which is one of the subjects of Industry 4.0. Starting his representation by answering the question of "What is Data Acquisition and Analysis System in Production?", Mr. Cüneyt Ünver completed his presentation with the exemplary projects they carried out in the furniture industry.

A 15-minute tea/coffee and networking break was given and Mr. Olcay Gezer, Founder of Softhane Yazılım ve Otomasyon, appeared and raised awareness on the augmented reality in the furniture industry and shared information on sample projects. At the end of the presentation that drew great interest, Mr. Yusuf Kaya, Project Manager at Venomedya,  started his presentation with issues such as "What is e-Commerce?" and "Why e-Commerce?" and completed his presentation with the sample projects they carried out on e-Commerce in the Furniture Industry.

The Digital Transformation event in the Furniture Industry, where a special area covering the Furniture History in İnegöl was prepared by İnegöl Chamber of Carpenters and Furnishers was allocated, came to an end with the closing and thank-you speech by Mr. Levent Sılay, Board Member at Login Yazılım.