Human Resources Policy


Human Resources Management adopts an efficient, just, vigorous and dynamic workforce that supports its employees by providing a happy and peaceful working environment,  enabling them to develop themselves by giving them the opportunity to reveal their potential. 


Login Yazılım HR policy; by carrying out organizational studies that support the sustainable growth and development of the company, it aims to create value-creating, motivated, innovative employees and teams with high corporate loyalty. Positions to be made are announced. Knowledge, skills and competencies are questioned and people are placed in the right job.

A job adaptation and orientation program is implemented in new recruitments and job changes. 

Within this program; 

  • Company's introduction, vision, mission, values ​​and goals, 
  • Training processes including promotion and information about the position are carried out.  

As an industry that is in our mission and values ​​the academy, we organize career days, employment fairs, etc. with all university candidates. Organizations are carried out and to be trained 3/4 of new graduates and related departments. In the recruitment processes of vocational high school and university interns, technical interviews and competency-based interviews are applied.   


Since a person cannot be considered apart from the context in which he or she experiences any process, employees are seen as the backbone of the company. >

The ultimate goal of performance management is to achieve both the corporate goals and the continuity of the individual and organizational development process by clearly determining the work of the employees in this regard. Performance Evaluation in Login Software's HR Policy is a multi-stage process and it reviews all aspects of individuals' work, success, competencies and deficiencies as a whole.  

There is a common job description by conducting studies on what our employees do in their current jobs and what they should do, based on the departments they are affiliated with. In order to observe the extent to which our employees approach the targets they are expected to achieve, depending on their job description, meetings are organized at regular intervals. From all these interviews, the current position of the person in the organization, his development, the awards he will receive and his future position are determined at the end of these studies.  

In order to make a sustainable working environment  personal and organizational factors within the organization affect organizational commitment. In order to analyze the emotions of the employees and the attitudes and behaviors they have developed against this situation, job satisfaction measurements are made by using regular interviews and employee satisfaction surveys  and analysis methods . targeted.  

Considering their work-life balance, psychological and emotional stances, employees benefits both for themselves and the organization they are in. ;

Various activities such as success celebrations, breakfast  organizations, birthday activities are organized in order to increase team spirit dynamics, an effective communication environment, increase corporate and individual motivation, and recognition of achievements and promotions.  


Login Software cares about the knowledge, skills, qualifications and dynamics of relations with institutions and individuals of its employees and carries out studies for their development.  

Management; has adopted the principle of guiding each individual by providing necessary opportunities in order to improve himself and his job and to ensure job satisfaction. p>

Training development activities are associated with the priorities, needs and goals of the company and its employees, both internally and externally. In this platform, it is aimed to achieve organizational and individual gains such as improving business and friendship relations (establishing a network) and improving their communication skills by taking part in in-house activities as trainers or participants in line with their knowledge, skills and experience.  External training activities, on the other hand, are organized and determined by periodic surveys.  


The  side rights offered by Login Yazılım to its employees are as follows; 

  • All individuals who are employees of Login Software benefit from  Complementary Health Insurance.
  • Depending on the position, our employees are provided with line, telephone and laptop computers.
  • Depending on the position, employees are given a company vehicle.