ERP Awareness Day for Industrial Engineers at Istanbul Aydın University

En-ERP® 4, which is the fourth of the En-ERP® events that began with the cooperation of Login Software and Indurstrial Engineering Platform with the slogan of "There will be no students left who graduate before seeing an ERP software!" was realized at İstanbul Aydın University on Tuesday, 18th of April 2017. The event was organized by the 4th year Industrial Engineering student İrem EROL who is also the school representative of Industrial Engineering Platform. Erol was supported by Prof. Dr. Nafiz Duru and Asst. Prof. Seda Çelik Teker in the organization.

In the event that attracted a high number of participants, Information Technologies Manager Ahmet Eser from Simkan Automotive performed a presentation on the Success Story of Login ERP® in the automotive spare parts industry followed by another comprehensive presentation on the benefits of ERP systems and how they contribute to the companies, while Business Solutions Director Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK from Login Software shared his presentation on the business processes of a factory operating in the manufacturing industry with the students. The presentation included special photos of the business processes which included raw material entry, production, packaging, warehousing and shipping. Göktürk also shared the entire process that begins with the ordering of a bedroom set and ends with its production, with the students by performing the related transactions on the Login ERP® software on the spot. The bedroom set in question consisted of a bed, a nightstand, a 2-door wardrobe, a make-up desk, and a work desk and it had a product tree which included 19 variables and 112 levels. Ahmet Savas GOKTURK had also prepared 2 mini tests on the internet which could be accessed through mobile phones. He not only ensured the students to pay attention to him by creating a positive influence on them but he also took the result reports of the 2 tests from the system right then and there and sent them to the founder of the Industrial Engineering Platform, Bahadir KAYA so that the Certificates of Achievement could be prepared.

At the end of the event, special plaques signed by İstanbul Aydın University's Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mustafa Aydın were presented to Ahmet Savaş Göktürk and Ahmet Eser by Asst. Prof. Seda Çelik Teker.

12 students were provided with the opportunity of a 2-day ERP training at Login Software by means of a special draw that was made after the certificates of participation were handed out to the students.

Login Software Business Solutions Director Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK who spoke after the event said, "As we see how students enthusiastically watch our presentations and how eager they are during our events, we realize that we need to work harder for these events to continue". Göktürk indicated that these types of events were very useful and that they allowed the students to see how enterprises managed their business processes through an ERP software that is used in a real industry. Göktürk also thanked İstanbul Aydın University's Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Prof. Dr. Nafiz Duru and Asst. Prof. Seda Çelik Teker and went on to say that a simple invitation from either Student Clubs or University Administrations would be enough to hold En-ERP events all over the country.