Collaboration Between Turkish-German University and Login Software

Turkish-German University, established as a result of an agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany in 2010 and Login Yazılım, having focused on creating customized corporate job solutions since 1989, will collaborate on education.

Despite being  a joint venture, Turkish-German University, a public university with 1,200 students, runs according to Turkish education system and provides European-quality education by courtesy of its partner universities in Germany.

A Login ERP Laboratory with 24 computers will be built in collaboration with Login Yazılım within the scope of the Academy-Industry collaboration model in Turkish-German University, which gives great importance to research and development activities since its establishment. additionally, ERP trainings will be made available for Industrial Engineering and Business Administration juniors and seniors as an elective course as well.

As a result of the realized collaboration, internship and part-time employment opportunities and a chance to carry out serious value-added projects within the body of Login Yazılım will be provided to the students of Turkish-German University. Moreover, the students will have mastered the business processes of enterprises and ERP software by the time they graduate.