En-ERP 16 has been Launched at The Üsküdar University

“En-ERP 16®, the sixteenth leg of En-ERP® events and launched through the joint forces of Login Software and Industrial Engineering Platform under the motto "'There will be no students left who graduate before seeing ERP software” was held on December 22nd, 2017 (Friday) with the organization by Üsküdar University Industry and Leadership Club with the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. O. Murat Anlı, lecturer at Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Sadık Paksoy, Manager of Presidency of Department of Health, Culture and Sports

During the event where high participation was achieved thanks to intensive and devoted efforts of Betül Moran, Üsküdar University Industry and Leadership Club, İsmail Baştak, Vice Manager of Omsa Metal Factory, participated in the event with live broadcast and shared with the students his experiences in business life and projects of Omsa Metal as well as benefits of software to enterprises. He noted that Omsa Metal always keeps its doors open to all students with internship and business opportunities and expressed that they were expecting applications.

Following the speech by İsmail Baştak, İlker Uludağ, General Vice Manager of Tekyaz, enlightened students about his journey that commenced with his internship in Tekyaz and gave valuable information on phases until Industry 4.0 was introduced. Sharing his works on case studies before and after SOLIDWORKS, he gifted two suitcases to two students in the sponsorship of Tekyaz as a result of a sweepstake. Adopting as a principle to be beneficial for students, İlker Uludağ distributed SOLIDWORKS training DVDs to students and made them very happy and informed them about internship and part-time working opportunities.

Following the outstanding presentation by İlker Uludağ, Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Business Solutions Director at Login Software, shared with the students his presentation featuring special photographs on the production processes of a factory operating in the manufacturing industry, starting from the raw material input to packaging, storage and transportation, including production band. Subsequently, the entire work flow from order placement to production, including variable order entry, order approval process, procurement, inventory management, production planning, product trees, work orders, work stations, operations and routes was shared with the students via Login ERP® software. Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, who illuminated the students about the definition and scope of Business Intelligence (BI) , its benefits and its importance immediately after the live Login ERP® demo, also showed real dashboard screens in the fields of Order, Order Detail, Invoice, Accounting and Cluster analysis for the review of the students.

After demos on ERP and BI, Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, who also prepared and applied two tests that could be accessed via smart phones, created a good perception on the students and offered high-quality listening opportunity, instantly obtained the results of both tests from the system and initiated the process for the preparation of Achievement Certificates in order to be delivered to students who got a score of 75 or above.

At the end of the event, special plaques prepared by Üsküdar University Industry and Leadership Club and Üsküdar University Presidency of Department of Health, Culture and Sports and signed by Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN, Rector of Üsküdar University, were presented by Merve Erdoğan and Esranur Alakese on behalf of Üsküdar University Industry and Leadership Club to İsmail Baştak, İlker Uludağ and Ahmet Savaş Göktürk for saplings donated in their names to TEMA Foundation (Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats).