Introduction to ERP Training was Held in Istanbul Şehir University

As Login Software, after we started to give Introduction to ERP training sessions in our journery where we set off with the motto “There will be no students left who graduate before seeing ERP software", we once again blaized a trailer and started to give trainings in universities. On October 19-26, 2018, we completed our first Introduction to ERP training in universities with the participation of 36 persons, which was organized by Istanbul Şehir University Industrial Engineering Club.

On the first day of Introduction to ERP Training, following the presentation of “Introduction to ERP Systems”, hands-on training was given over Login ERP Finance and Inventory Management modules. On the second day, Levent Sılay, Board Member of Login Software, and Uğur Gürses, who worked as IT Director in Eren Holding with his 19-year experience, joined our training and made brief presentations prior to the training.

As per the content of the training, customer and seller accounts were created; necessary procurement processes were completed; a product was manufactured and this product was sold. Over the Finance module, customer and seller current accounts were opened. Over the Inventory Management module, inventories and product tree were created for the finished product that would be manufactured and sold and inventories for semi-finished product and raw materials were created. Over the Procurement module, procurement orders were created for semi-finished products and raw materials. The procurement order was completed after dispatch note and invoices were issued and entry of relevant inventories (inputs) to warehouse. After a product tree was defined in the system, sales order was entered for finished product that we would manufacture over the sales module. Manufacture of the approved finished-product order was completed after the necessary routes were defined. After dispatch note and invoice were issued based on the sales order, exit of finished products from warehouse was arranged and sale was completed successfully.  

At the end of the training, Instructors Betül Moran and Rana Coşkun presented certificates of participation to the participants.