Lineadecor invested to the Future with Login ERP

Lineadecor, one of the trailblazers of fitted kitchens industry, continues to grow with its concrete steps both in Turkey and across the world. Making investments primarily in the brand in its foundation years, the company started to reap the benefits of this strategy. Lineadecor brand was in high demand in Turkey and the world in a short time. Of course, fast growth brought along some problems. Believing that healthy and secure growth can only be achieved with the use of information systems and technologies that are coherent with organizational structure and business processes, Lineadecor management pushed the button in 2016 for coming up with the best solutions in this regard.

After a variety of local and foreign software are examined in the information sector, the decision was made in favor of Login Bilgisayar Yazılımları A.Ş. Following the system analysis, design and development process that took around two years, software that will meet all requirements of Lineadecor was developed. Ercan Ecemiş, founder of company, sums up his ideas as follows: “This program has greatly contributed to customer satisfaction. Few companies in Europe have such a program".

The key part of the solution is the combination of "product configurator" feature that is integrated with Login ERP software with a proper design and order program. With the design and order program that Lineadecor is currently using, when a customer goes to the store, kitchen that he/she wants to buy is designed in 3D and shown to him/her. Customer can instantly have modifications applied to the design and obtains the design that he/she wishes. For example, he/she can change modules, coverings and handles. When kitchen design is completed in 3D on computer depending on customer choices, the list of materials will be prepared at the background.

After order that is approved by the customer is transmitted to the factory on electronic medium, Login program steps in. A tailored product tree is created from design data that are automatically transferred to Login ERP software. Millions of stock codes are no longer needed for every reiterating product feature (model, color, version, width, height, depth etc.) by means of this solution. All product features can be tracked in the system with few stock codes. To sum up, a product tree is created for every order instead of keeping record of product tree and stock code for every alternative.

Potential product configurators are designed in the standard configuration definition screens and fast access is enabled in login screens. Variable product features can be automatically added and actual product prices can be created. Configuration restrictions prevent any input to the system apart from pre-defined configurations.

When factory production plans are prepared and MRP is run, configurations and pattern defined for the product are used and procurement request documents are automatically created in the system in consideration of existing material stocks.

All parts are assigned barcodes in the production phase. Wrong transactions and waste of time are considerably reduced with barcode and mobile handheld terminals and employee productivity is maximized. Finally, products for which barcode labels are prepared based on configuration features are made ready for shipment.

Thanks to new system, operations at Lineadecor have become faster and healthier, which, in turn, increases customer satisfaction. Ensuring complete and timely kitchen deliveries is the major acquisition of the system. System has great advantages for Lineadecor since it is now possible to deliver a complex product like kitchen that involves many details to customer without deficiency and to reduce material wastes.

Lineadecor measures success by using different channels. It is noteworthy that it contributes to productivity with the increase in the number of kitchens produced per employee and customer satisfaction with quality and speed contributions.

Lineadecor uses Login ERP solution with all of its modules. Sale order processing, stock and production modules as well as procurement, import, store management, human resources and payroll management are conducted in full integration on a single database.