Login ERP Accounting and Finance Training was Held in Login Software

As Login Software, in our journey where we set off with the motto “There will be no students left who graduate before seeing ERP software”, we added a new training to Introduction to ERP training and launched Accounting and Finance training sessions. We held our first training on September 28, 2018.

One-day Accounting and Finance training was customized to students and recent graduates of Departments of Engineering or Economics and Administrative Sciences. In the scope of Login ERP Accounting and Finance training, after the presentation on “Introduction to ERP Systems”, hands-on training was given over the Finance module.

In addition to the flow of the Accounting Account Plan, Journal Slip, Foreign Exchange Transactions and Bank Transfer transaction menus, e-Ledger Management, Current Account Plan, Check Transactions and Fixed Asset transactions were taught via Login ERP.

Selman Güney and Ahmet Ayar, students from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Cansu Şahin, a graduate from the Department of Industrial Engineering, and Merve Arar, a graduate from the Department of Computers Engineering, participated in the training held under the supervision of Rana Coşkun and Betül Moran.

At the end of the training, Instructors Betül Moran and Rana Coşkun presented certificates of participation to the participants.