Login Software at DevFest Season 2016 in Adana!

Levent Sılay from Login Software gave a speech titled 'Information Technologies and the Young Generation'  in the event of DevFest that was organized and supported by Google with the aim of bringing the information industry together and was later entrusted to GDHs  and held this year by Çukurova University.

Launched in 2013, DevFest has continued up to today with Google's support and sponsorship from various companies. Login Software shared information about information technologies with young people based on its experience and knowledge in Çukurova University, one of the stops of event where almost all of the staff consisted of volunteers and which is organized by selecting different topics each time.

Seminars and workshops organized by experts during the events held in more than 350 cities around the world offer an entertaining and educational platform for the participants.

Driven by human intelligence, error-free technology and speed, Login Software will continue to add value to companies in the future and transfer its knowledge and experience to the younger generation.