Login Yazılım has Met with Industrial Engineers Studying at Kocaeli University

En-ERP® 3, the third of the En-ERP® events setting out through the collaboration between Login Software and Industrial Engineering Platform with the slogan of “There will be no industrial engineering students left who graduate before seeing ERP software,” was held at the Industrial Engineering Club of Kocaeli University (KOUEMK) on Monday, March 27, 2017, under the organization of Head of Club Yusuf KILIÇ, along with Semih ÇORAZ, Reyhan ÖZTÜRK, Büşra AYDIN and other members of the KOUEMK.

During the event which was very intensively attended by the students from both Kocaeli University and many other universities, Murat ÜN from Sarsılmaz Savunma delivered a comprehensive presentation covering the benefits and advantages of ERP to enterprises, while ERP Solutions Consultant Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK from Login Yazılım presented live on Login ERP® software the entire process flow of a bedroom furniture consisting of a Bed, a Bed Stand, a wardrobe with 2 doors, a makeup table, a bookcase and a writing desk, with 21 variations and 121 levels, from order receiving to manufacturing to the students. Also offering 2 quizzes accessible via the Internet by mobile phone to the students, which promoted the quality listening, Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK imparted a nice impression on the students. The result reports of the two quizzes were obtained from the system instantly and handed over to Bahadır Kaya, founder of the Industrial Engineering Platform, for issuing of the Appreciation Certificates.

Through a special drawing of lots following the delivery of the Participation Certificates at the end of the event, 12 students seized the opportunity to receive 2-day ERP training at Login Yazılım.

Delivering a speech at the close of the event, ERP Solutions Consultant Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK from Login Yazılım said, “Course on ERP, namely enterprise resource planning, should be compulsory, not optional, in our opinion. We also believe that the events like this one are very beneficial for students because they can see in real environment how enterprises manage their business processes via an ERP software program which is actually used in the industry,” adding that his hearing from many students of industrial engineering that they did make efforts to learn the ERP Software while they were student but failed had strongly motivated him to launch events like this one.

Having acquainted with Bahadır KAYA, founder of the Industrial Engineering Platform, Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK launched his events under the sponsorship of Login Yazılım. In this regard, Mr. Göktürk said, “A mere invitation from student clubs and university managements across the country is enough for us to hold En-ERP® events in any part of the country.”