Mobal Mobilya will Manage its e-Invoice and e-Ledger Processes with Login ERP

Founded in 1984, Mobal Mobilya that manufactures primarily wooden tailored products on project basis such as conference halls, hotel lobbies and rooms and meeting halls in its modern facilities extending across 2800 m2 indoor area in Gebze chose Login Integrated ERP for managing its e-Invoice and e-Book processes.

Mr. Can Tiftik, Accounting and Finance Manager in Mobal Mobilya, answered our questions about Login Integrated ERP selection process.

Could you give us some information about Mobal Mobilya?

Mobal Mobilya is a family company with 3 partners, founded in 1984. Our company manufactures primarily wooden tailored products on project basis (conference halls, hotel lobbies and rooms and meeting halls) in its new production premises extending across 2800 m2 indoor area in Gebze.

When and how did you understand that you need ERP software?

We will become e-invoice and e-book taxpayers as of 01.01.2016. As a statutory obligation, our need for some software that can run in integration with Presidency of Revenue Administration has emerged. In this context, Login Software from among the companies we considered was the only one that satisfied our needs in terms of solutions that it offers and budget.

Which processes will you manage with Login Integrated ERP?

Our purpose is mainly to manage Accounting and Finance processes more effectively and get error-free reports. In this context, like I already said, solutions offered by Login company satisfied us.

We bought licenses of Login Integrated Finance and Login Integrated Distribution modules that work under Login Integrated ERP. We intend to manage General Accounting, Current records and e-Book processes under Login Integrated Finance and our Sales, Stock and e- Invoice Portal processes under Login Integrated Distribution.

Finally, what is the reason why you chose Login Integrated ERP?

Login Integrated ERP is the software that I used and experienced in my former company. After-sales support and service and the interest that they show were the most important criteria for us to choose ERP. Besides, preventing any waste of time by producing fast and correct solutions to our problems related to the application or requests for development and thus, paving the way for us and their competent representative team who are in one-to- one communication with customers were the factors that we considered in choosing Login Integrated ERP software.

I think that the most important thing in such software is the after-sale support. Login Software is a company that really makes its customers satisfied and content in this regard.