Product-oriented Holistic Company Management Event Realized at Workinn Hotel Gebze Jointly by Login Yazılım and Aritmetrik PLM

The Product-oriented Holistic Company Management Event organized jointly by Login Yazılım and Aritmetrik PLM took place at Workinn Hotel Gebze on November 27, 2018.

The event began with the opening speeches of Rosario Di Lorenzo from Partner Account Management for International Sales at Contact Software and the Board Member of Login Yazılım, Levent Sılay and continued with the presentation, ERP and PLM from an Academic Perspective, by lecturer Dr. Seda Çelik of the Turkish-German University. In her presentation, Dr. Seda Çelik Teker talked about the ERP overview, the PLM applications and the ERP-PLM integration. Next, in the event, after the Aritmetrik PLM Founder, Efe Gürman explained the concepts of PDM and PLM, he provided information on how product-oriented company management should be.

The Board Member of Login Yazılım, Levent Sılay talked about the difference of intergenerational expectations and enabling the intergenerational company memory in respect of the expectations of digital transformation in family businesses, in addition to the increase of product diversity and customer expectations. After the presentation of Mr. Sılay, Contact Software and Aritmetrik PLM made a joint presentation with live demonstrations on Process-oriented Cooperation. Document and content management as well as viewing were discussed in addition to integrated products and processes.

Then, Savaş Sakar from Proje Yönetimi Danışmanlık talked about the importance of information, know-how and experience in his presentation in which he discussed the project, program and portfolio management as a whole. He focused on vision, mission, goals and strategies. Following Savaş Sakar's introduction to the topic of project, program and portfolio, Efe Gürman from Aritmetrik PLM talked about the approach to this topic through PLM and ERP at the Product-oriented Holistic Company Management Event. He presented how process-oriented project management, resource and cost planning, and decision-making reporting worked in PLM and ERP systems with live demos to the participants.

Next, in the event, a live demo on CAD data management, derivative product management and requirement management was made in the presentation entitled CAD and Product Data Management. Information on the creation of a BOM, pokayoking of the management process, the management engineering change and xBOM management was provided through the presentation, BOM Management via the integration of PLM and ERP.

In the last session of the event, the Planning Manager of Lazzoni Mobilya, Ömür Demir took the floor. After he explained product management with configuration, processes of new product development and revision, and the project for the integration of CAD software and ERP through the presentation, Processes of Launching and Revision of Products with Infinite Variations, the QA section of the event began. After the participants' questions were answered, the Product-Oriented Holistic Company Management event was concluded.