The Board Member of Login Yazılım, Levent Sılay was at the Şehir Career Fest WOW Panel of the İstanbul Şehir University

The Board Member of Login Yazılım, Levent Sılay participated in the WOW (Way of Walking) Panel of the Şehir Career Fest event that the İstanbul Şehir University held on May 9-10, 2018 and realized events such as chats with the representatives of leading companies in their industries and professionals, workshops and live performances.

In the panel that took place on May 10, 2018, the Human Resources Director of Albayrak Holding, Hüseyin Yavuztürk; the International Sales Director of LC WAIKIKI, Mehmet Sami Şenbabaoğlu; the Senior Customer Project Manager of ERICSSON, Evren Ece; and the Recruitment Specialist of HUAWEI, Gizem Durmaz also took the floor in addition to the General Assembly Member of Login Yazılım, Levent Sılay.

In the panel, Sılay talked about the opportunity of the students to work in real projects, the corporate culture of Login Yazılım, its internship policies and acceptance conditions, the 10 features required in an intern and the divisions that are specifically preferred on a departmental basis.