The En-ERP 12 Took Place with Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club

En-ERP 12® took place on Thursday, 30 November 2017, under the organization of Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club. It is the twelfth of the En-ERP® events that started as a result of the collaboration between Login Software and Industrial Engineering Platform, which set off under the motto “There will be no Industrial Engineering Student left who graduate before seeing ERP software!”

The event that is held by the president of Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club, Ömer Faruk ÜNER and his team brought large turnout with the contribution of Parkolay Otomatik Otopark Sistemleri ERP Project Manager İsmail AYDIN and Login Yazılım Business Solutions Manager Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK.

First session of the event, which brought large turnout by not only industrial engineering but also other engineering students, was held by İsmail AYDIN. İsmail AYDIN emphasized the concept of product tree, while citing how to put ERP and MRP into practice at a firm. Then, he guided the students about how they can handle the difficulties they may encounter, by telling them the difficulties that he had come across in his own business life.

Right after, during the second session, Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK from Login Yazılım,  narrated the business processes consisted of raw material procurement, packing, storing and delivery, including the production line, of an enterprise in the production sector, with a Prezi presentation. Later on, he shared the steps from order to production, which includes the order entry, order confirmation, buying, stock management, production planning, production trees, work orders, job stations, operations and routes, with a demo through Login ERP® in order students to understand the work-flow. Immediately after the live demo, he enlightened the students about the subjects like what Business Intelligence is, what it is for, what its importance is, while sharing sample dashboards through Qlik Sense BI.

Following the ERP and BI demos, Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK, tested the students through smart-phones twice. The students, who scored 70 or higher in these two tests, qualified for the Certificate of Achievement in addition to the certificate of attendance.

At the end of this efficient event, Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club presented plaques to İsmail AYDIN and Ahmet Savaş GÖKTÜRK for their contributions.

Receiving the appreciation of the students, it is the second event held by Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club. Yalova University Industrial Engineering Club, established by Prof. Dr. İsmail ADAK in 2011, as the phrase is, rose from the ashes in 2017, with its new staff under the counseling of Research Associate Başak ÇETİNGÜÇ. Having a large staff, the club aims at touching the lives of its own students but also the students from other departments. It aspires to light the way to their careers and make their student lives easier by holding organizations such as seminars, technical visits, trainings, etc. for them to improve themselves in order to become successful engineers of the future.