The Fuel Supplier “Energy Petrol” Chose Login ERP to Manage its Business Processes

Energy Petrol, a fuel supplier serving with its 12 tanker infrastructure in its office in Ottoman Yali (summer house) built in 1881 to ships passing the Bosphorus, and Login Software, which has focused on producing innovative and customized enterprise business solutions since 1989, reached an agreement to manage all business processes of Energy Petrol.

Enerji Petrol Denizcilik Tic. A.Ş., which entered into a contract with Login Software on September 21st, 2017, will manage all of its business processes with the Login ERP from fuel demand from customers to the cost of refilling tankers.

In the project involving 10 users that is scheduled to be launched on 01/01/2018 with ERP login, the operational process will start once the fuel demand is received from customers and proposals to be made depending on such demands are turned into orders. In this process, a reporting structure based on various criteria such as ship, current, fuel, date etc. will also be established. At the same time, it will allow monitoring via Login ERP all fuel quantities in different warehouses. Fuels obtained from the suppliers will be entered into the system as Purchasing Orders, and when Dispatch Notes of these orders are entered into the system, they will appear in the stocks and when fuel is delivered to customers, a Consignment Invoice will be issued via Login ERP. Following such a Consignment Invoice, products will be reduced from the warehouse on the system. Thus, actual stocks and stocks on the system will be consistent.

The supply vehicles to which fuel is delivered will also be recorded in the system. Information about which supply vehicle is used to deliver/forward will also be recorded in the system. When an Invoice is issued via the system, a record will be created in integration with the debts of the customer. When payment is received from the customer, this will be entered into the system and account statement of the customer can be retrieved via the system. It will be possible to enter ship-based charges to the system via Procurement Service Invoice screen. Thus, actual cost of ships (fuel supply tankers) will be reportable.

Speaking on the agreement, Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software Business Solutions Manager, said: “We are also thrilled for the Energy Petrol project, which we will implement with inspiration drawn from the project we have completed for the logistics company that is a world leader in shipping and logistics and we are also happy and proud since this software project will set an example for Turkish maritime”.