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Our customers who:

  • Acknowledge the value of investment and aim at getting the highest return as soon as possible,
  • Are not limited to package and look for solutions that suit their needs as an enterprise and in line with current conditions of the country,
  • Want to move forward with a business partner that can satisfy their demands in a fast and accurate way without any time limit,
  • Cherish the plus value of solution rather than the brand value, Give importance to the resources and values of the country,
  • Demand expertise and experience that can understand their needs, regardless of their industry and the language they speak,
  • Can easily adapt to changes and offer solutions and services that help them to keep their enterprises ready for the future
  • Are satisfied for choosing Login Yazılım (Software).

We have been serving the company of Abdioğulları Plastik ve Ambalaj Sanayi, which has been operating in the plastic packaging industry and has been producing high-tech PP and PE based synthetic packaging products and agricultural rope since 2016.

B&T Design

With the quality of life to the next level, we have been serving since user-oriented upholstered facilitate designing habitats products and distribution channels, service by one of Turkey's leading furniture manufacturer B&T Design in 2020.

Bella Mobel

We have been serving Bella Mobel since 2019, which produces furniture including bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

Boreas Mühendislik

We have been serving the Boreas Group since 2020, which operates in the Automotive Industry and produces plastic products based on advanced technology solutions.


We have been serving Bricstech Software since 2021, which has been developing solutions with new generation cloud systems in the restaurant and hotel industry with its globalized solutions since 2004.


We have been offering our services to Brink’s Turkey that offers unique trust and productivity in reliable logistics industry with over 70,000 employees since 2003.

Çamlıca Design

We have been serving Çamlıca Design, which combines industrial design with craftsmanship in its wide range of products, since 2020.


We have been offering our services to Çakır Kırtasiye that produces products out of cardboard, cardboard box, imitation leather, genuine leather, paper, plastic and mechanisms since 2015.


We have been offering our services to CMA-CGM Group that is one of the world's leading logistics companies in the field of marine transport and logistics in 160 countries and over 22,000 employees in its operations in Turkey since 2012.

Demsaş Mutfak & Banyo

Since 2019, we have been providing services to Demsaş Mutfak & Banyo, one of the well-established companies in Turkey in the field of kitchen and bathroom cabinet production, operating in the furniture industry since 1975.


We have been offering our services to DESBAŞ that is the founder and business manager of Istanbul Leather and Industry Free Trade Zone since 2004.

Doğuş İnşaat

Since 1951, we have been serving Doğuş Construction, one of the most reputable companies in the world, with more than 250 infrastructure and superstructure projects realized in the construction and contracting sector with a total value of more than 28.2 billion dollars.


Since 2019, we have been delivering services to Dortek that set off its journey in Kastamonu as the first door brand in Turkey and is recognized as the largest and technologically most comprehensive production facility in terms of door production in Turkey, extending over 30,000 sqm with its high production capacity and quality.

döysa air

We have been offering our services to Döysa Air that meets the needs for fast and flexible air taxi transportation since 2009.


We have been offering our services since 2000 to Efor that has been providing internal communication services, special event design and implementations and sponsorship understanding with its perfect time planning, smooth and creative solutions at international standards since 1995.

Eren Elektrik Enerji

Since 2018, we have been providing services to Eren Elektrik Enerji that has a total installed power of 2790 MW in Zonguldak Eren Thermical Plant (SETEZ) located in the borders of Çatalağzı Municipality of Zonguldak.

eren enerji

We have been offering our services to Eren Enerji that meets 5% of electricity needs of Turkey with its total capacity of 1390 MW since 2004.

eren holding

We have been offering services to Eren Holding that is engaged in paper, cement, energy, packaging, textile, retail, port and tourism industries with its 13,000 staff since 2004.

eren kağıt

We have been offering services to Eren Kağıt that is one of the biggest companies operating in the field of paper collection and bailing in Turkey with its capacity of 630.000 tons/year since 2004.

eren tekstil

We have been offering our services to Eren Tekstil that started its operations in 1988 and has a fully-integrated facility that covers all production phases from processing cotton that is its raw material to obtaining an end product.

Ermod Sigorta

Since 2018, we have been delivering services to ERMOD Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri that offers insurance intermediary services.


We have been offering services to Etstur that is one of the tour operators with the mission of breaking new grounds in organized travel industry since 2001.


We have been offering services to Eurodecor that has the vision of making kitchens and doors manufactured with comfort-oriented designs in global market in order to enhance standard of living since 2011.

fresenıus kabı

We have been offering services to Fresenius-Kabi Pharmaceuticals Turkey that is among the leading manufacturers of US market in terms of intravenous generic drugs since 2001.


We have been offering services since 2012 to Fuga Mobilya that creates high quality furniture architecture for 24 years.


We have been serving Gemkal Hidrolik since 2020, manufacturing hydraulic machinery, hydraulic energy and power systems, automation systems and work safety equipment.

germi makine

We have been offering services to Germi Makine that manufactures and makes retail and wholesale of sewing machines since 2014.

gülermak-doğuş adi ortaklığı

We have been offering services to Gülermak-Doğuş Adi Ortaklığı that is engaged in pre-cast concrete lining in their factory in Hadımköy since 2008.

ıcbc turkey

We have been offering services to ICBC Turkey that operates in the field of Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking and Retail Banking since 1999 for some areas that are transferred from Tekstilbank.


Since 2019, we have been providing services to Indense Eğitim ve Danışmanlık, which has been delivering training, development and consultancy services to enterprises in the field of human resources since 2009.


We have been offering services to İnfina Yazılım that operates in the industry based on the principle of offering more reliable software products and perpetuating support services since 2008.

Invictus Technology

We provide service to Invictus Technology, which was established to develop solutions specific to the automotive sector and develops products by analyzing the needs of the sector and blending its knowledge and experience in this sector with its technological power.


Since 2005, we have been providing services to İsper A.Ş., which has an important organizational power, providing quality service and professional workforce support to the projects of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in its health and social fields with its employees exceeding thirteen thousand.

Istanbul Sports Events and Management Trade INC.

We provide service to Spor Istanbul, which was established in 1989 as a subsidiary company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes the use of sports facilities and active participation in sports events in order to strengthen the physical and mental health of the people of Istanbul and to develop their skills.


We have been offering services to ISTIME A.Ş. that was established in 2011 in partnership of Affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to bring a new perspective and approach to urban applications especially in the field of information technology since 2013.

jokey kulubu derneği

We have been offering services to the Association of Jockey Club of Turkey that is a horse breeding and races economic enterprise since 2014.


We have been offering services to KİPTAŞ that was founded in 1987 with foreign capital partnership under the title of İMAR WEIDLEPLAN in order to prepare development and architectural plans since 2015.

Köşkerler Çelik Halat

Since 2017, we have been offering our services to Köşkerler Çelik Halat ve Makine San. A.Ş., which has been manufacturing steel robes and industrial spring steel wires since 1989.


We have been offering services to LAZZONI Mobilya that is one of the pioneer and most principled companies of the industry with its modern management structure and innovative staff since 2012.

Leeb İnşaat

As a front contractor, we have been serving Leeb since 2019, operating in the fields of Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems, Aluminum Joinery Systems, Transparent Facades, Light Construction and Glass Facades, Cold Facade Cladding and Security Systems.


We have been serving Loda Furniture, which acts with the vision of becoming a global player of furniture, since 2020.

Macitler Mobilya

We have been serving Macitler Mobilya, who has unique style and global understanding in furniture industry since 2017.

Mag Germany

We serve Mag Germany, which is able to provide sales and customer services as well as customers and has become the leading company in the independent European automotive spare parts industry.

Mandalya Turizm

Since 2015, we have been offering our services to Mandalya Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş, the operator of Rixos Hotel Chains and Rixos Premium Hotel Bodrum with 930 bed capacity, founded in 50% partnership with Eren Holding in Bodrum, one of the most prestigious and popular tourism destinations in Turkey.

martı gemi

We have been offering services to Martı Gemi that is one of the biggest marine values of Turkey and has been offering shipping agency services for 32 years since 1997.

Mayen Telecommunication

We have been offering our services to Arvato Telecommunication Services Inc., a leading international technology services provider in digital technology, since 2015.


We have been offering services to the General Directorate of State Meteorology that offers meteorological services with continuous improvement principle in line with scientific and technological developments, at international standards and in a high quality, fast, uninterrupted and reliable manner and is the leader in its field, since 2000.


The chocolate, buttermilk, yogurt, milk, gravy, and the leader in the packaging industry in Turkey in a wide range since 2020. We serve breakfast in Milpak.


We have been offering services to Mimaş that offers contracting services in steel industry, manufacturing, marine construction and supply services since 2004.

modern ambalaj

We have been offering services to Modern Ambalaj that operates within Eren Holding since 1997 and manufactures 500.000 tons of corrugated cardboard packaging in 6 factories over 158.000m² indoor area since 2004.

Modern Biyokütle

Since 2018, we have been providing services to Modern Biyokütle that manufactures Biogas, which is used as fuel in gas engines to generate power and used industrially based on hot water generation in hot water exchangers from exhaust gas.

modern enerji

We have been offering services to Modern Enerji that continues to dispose non-hazardous wastes by incinerating paper wastes from paper production process of Modern Karton and introducing to the economy vapor and electrical energy that is generated from incinerated wastes since 2004.

modern karton

We have been offering services to Modern Karton that has the world’s most advanced technology in the paper industry with the production technology and automation system in its facility extending over 441.000 m² outdoor and 138.000 m² indoor spaces since 2004.

Modern Oluklu

Since 2018, we have been providing services to Modern Oluklu that started to manufacture corrugated cardboard packaging in 1997, in its Çorlu facility and extended to Manisa, Kayseri, Bursa, Gebze and Eskişehir facilities. The company currently has a corrugated cardboard packaging production capacity of 535,000/year with its 6 factories, extending over 158,000 sqm.

Nar Beton

Since 2017, we have been offering our services to Nar Beton A.Ş. making ready-to-mix concrete production in Denizli in its cutting edge technology modern facility and with its expert staff.

Okyanus Grup

We have been serving Okyanus Group, which has been performing Insulation Solutions projects in the construction industry since 2019.

Omsa Metal

Since 2018, we have been providing services to Omsa Metal that is engaged in manufacturing operations in its metal processing facilities, extending over 6,000 sqm, and equipped with new high-tech machinery and modern and latest technology such as robotic welding machines and high-end metal processing machinery.

Optimum Otomotiv

Turkey in Fleet Leasing and insurance companies, automotive organizations and other related sectors served by the software and process solutions that support the continued rapid growth of the company Optimum solutions are serving as main partner since 2019.

Orfer İnşaat

As a successful, safe and leading company operating from construction to ready mixed concrete, crushing and screening plants, we serve Orfer İnşaat, a young dynamic company that tries to contribute significantly to the economy of the region and our country.


We have been serving Plaset since 2021, which is one of the rare organizations that set the quality bar in plastic packaging, pioneering and innovative in its sector.


We have been offering services to Puratos that is an international group operating in all fields of bread making, bakery and chocolate industries with innovative products and application expertise since 2000.

rixos premium hotel bodrum

We have been offering services to Rixos Premium Hotel Bodrum with 930 beds, established with 50% participation of Eren Holding in Bodrum that is one of the most prestigious and popular tourism centers of Turkey since 2015.

Sanel Asansör

Since 2016, we have been offering our services to Sanel Asansör, which set off on its journey as Sanel Elektrik in 1986 and continues as Sanel Asansör in 1995 and ranked 1st in export ranking in 2013 among local companies according to IMMIB records.

sidoorsa masif kapı

We have been offering services to Sidoorsa Masif Kapı that manufactures massive doors in its factory in Ankara that is equipped with wood machines of the latest technology and stands out with its designs since 2015.

Silivri Ambalaj

Since 2016, we have been offering our services to Silivri Ambalaj Tic. ve San. A.Ş. which makes E-undulation corrugated cardboard production and stands out with its corrugated line of 48,000 tons/year capacity.


We have been offering services to Simkan Automotive that delivers import, export, logistics and after-sales services of products belonging to the world’s major spare part manufacturers to its customers since its foundation.


We have been offering services to Siyaş that was establihsed with German Semprex license in 1968 to manufacture valves for tubeless tyres and tubes since 1990.


We have been offering services to Sönmez Metal that has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1980 and delivering contracting services with its engineering contributions for on- site applications of devices that are manufactured since 2014.

Soprano Mobilia

We have been serving Soprano Mobilia since 2019, which manufactures wood in the kitchen, cloakroom, interior door area.


We have been serving Stella Furniture since 2021, which has always managed to be the contradictory voice of the furniture industry with its original collections that reflect the world furniture trends.


We have been offering services to Symrise that produces flavorants, food additives, perfume oils, active igredients for cosmetics, flavour molecules and animal feed solutions on a global scale since 2010.

Tech Design

We provide service to Tech Design, which is known for being the pioneer of innovations and firsts in its sector, developing with the concept of "Concept Furniture" production by producing bedrooms, dining rooms, sofa groups, TV units and furniture accessories in modern and loft furniture style.

Teknik Mühendislik

Since 2008, we have been providing services to Teknik Mühendislik, a Doğuş Construction Group company, founded in 1984 to provide engineering, consultancy and technical services to the Doğuş Construction Group and other organizations and companies.

tmf group

TMF Group (with headquarters in the Netherlands) that is an independent corporate management company manages its Finance, Logistics and Payroll processes in Turkey as well as Finance, Logistics and Payroll processes of companies for which it offers outsourced services in integration with Login ERP and Login HR.


We have been offering services to Üstay that has successfully completed many buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects at various sizes and characteristics since its foundation in 1971 in Turkey, Libya, Kuwait, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ghana, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

Vopar Automotive

We serve Vopar Automotive, which was established in 2004, offering original spare parts import, logistics and after-sales services of VW, AUDI, SEAT and SKODA, which are the world's leading automobile brands.

Votek Automotive


Since its establishment, we have been serving Votek Automotive, which has been providing its customers with import, export, logistics and after-sales services for the products of the world's leading spare parts manufacturers.

wavin pilsa

We have been offering services to Wavin Pilsa that offers a wide range of high quality pipes and auxiliary parts, systems and solutions for construction, infrastructure and sprinkling since 2000.

yapkim group

We have been offering services to Yapkim Group that operates in plastic raw material trade since 2005.

yuki special

We have been offering services to Yuki Endüstriyel Makineler ve Motor Sanayi that has been operating since 1970 in garment machines industry since 2003.