Let's Identify Your Real Needs

Let's Offer the Best Solution

Do not set off without a road map for the ERP projects which would take you to success, as well as to confusion. Before identifying the software criteria, you should identify your real needs and expectations, do not hassle with ERP software which is not appropriate for you. With the “Requirements Analysis and Goal Setting” service of Login Yazılım, you will achieve success rather than mess, saving rather than spending, cost-effectiveness rather than higher costs. You will perform projects which reach the goal on time, rather than long-time projects.



How do we do?

If you have a needs analysis:

After reviewing your needs analysis, we make our preliminary analysis. We submit demos of our solutions suitable for you and design the solutions that suit your expectations.

If you do not have a needs analysis :

As a fast and cost-effective solution, we send you a document containing comprehensive questions that will determine your needs and we create your needs analysis in line with your responses. We determine our suitable solutions.

As a comprehensive solution, we make a detailed ‘needs analysis’ by working with you for a certain time; we offer you our solution together with comparative and detailed documentation.


What do we do?

In this process, we offer you services like a management consultancy company rather than a software company. After thorough investigations by our experienced consultants, we create a comprehensive Requirements Analysis report. In line with your goals and targets revealed by this assessment, we determine the steps to be taken to achieve these results. We draw a road map which will take you to success step by step, during which we will be with you in each step.