ERP Software for Automotive Spare Parts Industry

Fast orders and hassle-free deliveries are vital for customer satisfaction in automotive and spare parts industry where competition is tough. Properties reflecting the structure of spare part industry such as easy identification of information such as ‘equivalent part’ and ‘intended place of use in vehicle’ and tracking of changing codes point out to the need for a system that fits to the industry's dynamic.

Features and means such as the capability to work with any currency and measurement unit, consolidated stock information on branch basis and planning shipment to different customer addresses from any warehouse and choosing the carrier company etc. are expected from software infrastructure to be used for automotive and spare part industry.  Total management of import or shipment processes and actual cost calculations are the primary factors that set the position of companies in automotive and spare parts industry in the competition.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, we enable our customers operating in automotive and spare parts industry to track their existing stocks and status of materials in transit in the scope of their import operations. We contribute to increased customer satisfaction through fast order processing and error-free shipments.  We help you to access to any information instantly and speed up your decision-making processes

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the automotive and spare parts industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Shipment Planning that allows optimum planning with smart code logic
  • Login Import Module that enables all import transactions to be tracked and kept under record
  • Login Cost Accounting that allows revealing actual product prices quickly and accurately by taking into account all costs


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you have difficulty in sorting products into categories and groups according to your business conduct and integrating them?

Can you calculate instantly actual costs of products?

Do you need solutions that are immediately adapted to the requirements that change in time?  


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can increase customer satisfaction with fast order processing and error-free shipments. You can create detailed stock cards about all supplied products, divide products into categories or groups and create any relation among them. You can manage all your import processes completely and calculate all your actual costs without error.

You can save all product features and price changes of your resources such as products and raw materials and accelerate your quote and order processes. You can track the existing status of your stocks and materials that are imported or in transit.

You can track your stocks in detail, report decreases in stock quantities and retrospective sales statistics and shape your procurements accurately according to this information. You can view instantly which products your customers use and back up your sales teams with this information.


You win!

Fast orders & hassle-free shipments

Detailed stock cards related to all products

Detailed tracking

Instant reports