ERP Software for Chemical Industry

Structural properties and especially abundance and diversity of goods produced lead to special requirements for management infrastructure in chemical industry.  More effective and efficient operation management in the chemical industry that interacts with other processes while it meets raw material requirements of numerous different industries is becoming ever more important. Insufficient simultaneous management and coordination at national or global locations, factories, storehouses, dealers and sales points of the chemical industry that competes against time create long-term problems that are difficult for enterprises to overcome and have challenging and miscellaneous effects.

With our Login Corporate Business Solutions, we enable our customers in the chemical industry to follow up global developments, track all transactions in their management infrastructure and to report. By offering an effective and fast structure, we help them to manage their resource planning strategies properly and have a robust infrastructure for information confidentiality.   Thus, we make it easier for our customers in the chemical industry to participate in the global competition.

You can push up profits and productivity of your company ‘with a single system’ that guides you according to chemical industry regulations in consideration of expiration dates of your stocks and allows smooth management of sales and procurement processes and enables personnel to access information in their fields easily and swiftly.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the chemical industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Production Solutions that allow creating product trees, planning job orders and tracking products in a fast and easy and smooth manner
  • Login Finance Solutions that enable to retrieve consolidated reports and manage all financial processes over a single system
  • Login Supply Solutions that allow sales, procurement, stock, import and export management to be carried out in an integrated manner over a single system
  • Login Mobile Sales Module that allows making face-to-face negotiations with customers and taking their orders, connecting to company’s headquarters and checking current price lists and customer’s current account status and risk


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Does raw material management have a direct impact on your production process?

Does your production involve highly different components according to orders or requirements?

Do best before dates make stock management more difficult?

Do you have to use multiple systems due to complex business processes?

Can authorities in different departments access to the information they need only through indirect means and with waste of time?

Do you use an obsolete system that cannot meet global needs in your enterprise?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can take more efficient and faster action in sales processes and use accounting, finance, sales, procurement, stock management, storehouse management and payroll applications and ensure that your Sales Representatives on the field can connect via their laptops or tablets to the host system through mobile sales module and transfer their necessary order information and while doing this, they can review the latest stock status and current account status of customers. You can process all orders from customer representatives and make your order confirmations, risk controls, loading, dispatch and invoice transactions speedily with information entry at the minimum level in line with the sales module installed. You can shorten your sales process with discount and price lists and increase customer satisfaction and productivity and thus, achieve higher profits.

You can manage the real picture via a single system with our additional applications and solutions to meet special needs of your company and have a system that helps you to compete against time and have a more effective management for your business processes. You can push up profits and productivity ‘with a single system’ that guides you according to expiration dates of your stocks and chemical industry regulations and allows smooth management of sales and procurement processes and enables everyone to access information of his field easily and swiftly.


You win!

Accuracy in stock management and tracking that is critical for chemical industry

Keeping accurate lot information depending on best before dates

Coordinated and error-free processing of orders, sales, shipment and finance tracking

Fast and easy access by authorities to screens and information for which they have authority

Complete solutions from finance management to quality control in a single system

Giving reports to authorities on daily, weekly or at regular intervals