Cheque and Bill Management

It is critical for companies to keep negotiable instruments away from risks. Errors such as endorsing a check that has already been endorsed or trying to collect a check that is already under collection process at another bank result in both waste of time and financial and legal problems. Login ERP Check and Promissory Note Management System denies erroneous access by alerting in case of such errors. Status of checks and promissory notes, i.e. positions such as ‘in portfolio’ or ‘delivered to bank’, are tracked step by step on payroll and accounting receipt, payroll and receipt breakdown can be retrieved after payroll is recorded in the system. Enabling you to track all information and transactions, Login ERP Check and Promissory Note Method offers average term and daily evaluations instantly.

With Login ERP Check and Promissory Note Method that allows you to track all processes of your checks and promissory notes on the system and to keep your negotiable instruments away from risks, you can define as many check and promissory note portfolios as you like, designate authorized person on portfolio basis and track all check and promissory note transactions on the payroll step by step.