RPA - Robotic Process Automation

RPA, which stands for Robotic Process Automation, is basically computer software that can imitate human actions and automate repetitive rules-based tasks performed by humans with a user interface to process data and applications with high precision, just like a human would.

With Robotic Process Automation, you can automate tasks on your existing system and applications. In this way, you can perform all your work 24/7 without the risk of error, many times faster than a human's working speed. RPA; By integrating with many departments such as accounting, sales, purchasing, production, customer relations and human resources, it performs the operations performed by the person faster and without errors. This saves time while removing in-task complexities.

RPA is used to manage business processes and repetitive tasks by people. In this context; You can enter corporate accounts and edit structural information, connect systems, monitor defined risks, make conditional decisions, open and edit files in your e-mails and perform many more job descriptions.