ERP Software for Concrete and Cement Industry

Turkey is one of the world’s largest exporters in concrete and cement industry that can produce more than it consumes. The need for production of millions of cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete arises since Turkey is surrounded by neighbour countries where concrete demand is high and urban transformation continues in Turkey.  However, despite the demand for production and export potential, the fact that transport costs exceed production costs approximately after 300 km is a major problem. On the other hand, concrete and cement production increases heavily in certain periods since construction industry can function seasonally due to bad weather conditions.

With our comprehensive solutions such as sales-order, recipe, production, procurement, stock management, warehouse management, shipment planning, which are suitable for the operations and needs of concrete and cement industry, we can facilitate production, stock, shipment and invoicing processes of our customers, offer them flexibility and speed and provide them manoeuvring capabilities that they need. The solutions that we offer to our customers, who are among the top 500 companies in Turkish concrete and cement industry, are the proof of our experience and knowledge in this field.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the concrete and cement industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP-Concrete Solution that enables orders to be opened at any m3 and to perform the pouring process as much as the meter cubic order opened and its control in addition to ensuring the return of productions to the system on time.
  • Login Account Risk Information Screen, which allows manufacturers to perform risk control through quick and easy viewing of debts, receivables, balance, turnover, payment, check and bond status with and without endorsement and individually or collectively
  • Login Dispatch Note Solution that performs automatically and instantly dispatch note processes as well as daily production follow-up
  • Login Shipment Planning that helps planning transport costs accurately by providing easy and fast access to all shipment-related information

We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Is it important for you to ensure risk control?

Do you need regular invoicing?

Are dispatch and shipment tracking as well as production crucial for your company in terms of profitability?


You can manage your applications such as sales-order, recipe, production, procurement, stock management and warehouse management with Login ERP Concrete Solution thanks to our solution designed according to business processes of ready-mixed concrete manufacturing plants.

With our Login ERP Concrete Solution, you can enable your sales representatives and product managers to make face-to-face negotiations with customers and take their orders, connect to company’s headquarters and check current price lists and customer’s current account status and risks.

Since other modules of Login ERP are effectively used in plants, all orders from customer representatives, order confirmations, risk controls, loading, dispatch and invoice transactions can be made quickly with information entry at the minimum level in line with the sales module configured.

With our Login ERP Concrete Solution, you can achieve higher customer satisfaction, productivity and profits.

You win!

Transport costs that can be controlled with accurate shipment tracking

Healthy risk control in all processes from order and production to shipment