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It is necessary to manage a high number of interrelated phases, ranging from order to production planning and delivery for products configured in line with demands in make-to-order and configure-to-order companies. It is important to eliminate the complexity, labor and loss arising from operational challenges such as creating a separate product tree for every product and opening a separate stock card.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions that enable you to increase your operational efficiency, you can complete a higher turnover in a shorter time and less labor without any problem. You can measure results and change your production routes in a fast manner according to circumstances with our solutions that will allow you to enjoy the advantages of predictability and continuity in these structures to the full extent. You can manage on a single system a number of interrelated processes such as information such as validity date of the prices set and type of foreign exchange, campaigns on customer-product-period basis that are prepared and control of dealer sales.

The opportunity to manage on a single system eliminates the complexity and drawbacks resulting from different systems and offers the right and complete working environment. Make-to-order and configure-to-order companies can view big data as they need and in the format they need and manage them according to their needs.

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