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It is crucial for make-to-order companies that use customer-shaped designs and sizes to manufacture products with the desired properties; price them based on actual costs and deliver them on time. The complexity caused by a variety of products and product trees that are tailored with many differences in line with customer demands may result in a considerable waste of labor and time and defective manufacturing, failing to equip the required product with necessary properties, and failure to deliver products on time. It can be problematic to determine actual costs of the end product according to constantly changing characteristics. You can resolve all such problems that your make-to-order company faces with Login Corporate Business Solutions where design, order and manufacturing processes run in integration.

With Login ERP Product Configurator in the scope of Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can create instantly a product tree for each order instead of each alternative product tree and inventory code. With Login Corporate Business Solutions that enable your customers to view products that they want to buy in 3D and make modifications at this stage and get the design they want, you can meet your customers' expectations in the most appropriate way. You can create a product list in the background based on the resulting design and prepare tailored product trees fast and accurately once the approved order is communicated to the production. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction, proceed from order to production in a fast manner and deliver products with the desired characteristics on time.

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