Efficient Institutionalism in Family Enterprises

40% of the world’s top 500 companies are family companies. The key factors of the success of these companies that can survive for generations and where family members are still in the management structure are making prudent investments, focusing on main line of business, embracing strong values and protecting strategic perspective and corporate management system. On the other hand, the fact that only 3% of family companies in the world can be transferred to a generation after the third generation indicate that there are drawbacks and faults that need to be remedied. Corporate management problems appear as a matter that is more delicate in family companies than other companies are and requires more efforts. It is seen in family companies that second generation leans more positively toward corporate business solutions in general and transition to these solutions occurs once the second generation accedes.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can review all of your business processes in detail and thus, the reviewed processes can be improved and new generation family members that join the company later can get more detailed information about these processes. You can now make decisions that the founding partners, who built their company with great difficulties and came to these days thanks to their intuition, used to make without any system, easily with the help of the system, reduce the workload on older family members and increase your and other family members’ life quality.

Login Corporate Business Solutions make important contributions to your company’s sustainability with solutions that will meet the special needs of family companies.

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